Bumpers for the corners of cabinet doors

Fellow tall people, you must have noticed that cabinet doors are just at the right position over major bending-over areas in the kitchen (stove, sink) that you can really do a number on your head if they’re left open. Does anyone know if they make any sort of a bumper or buffer for the corners of cabinet doors, or any other way I might treat them so as to make them less dangerous?

Install rubber doors?
Or maybe a foam helmet? (On you, not the doors silly)

I’ve seen plastic ‘corner pieces’ that are designed to stop children injuring themselves on door corners. That would help if you’ve left a door open.

This sort of thing.

I’m tall, and if I shaved my head you could see the scar tracks of stuff I’ve collided with.

Rather than just baxh your bean on something rounder or softer, I suggest you go another way. Tie a bright ribbon to the door pull, so it hangs down in front of your eyes. If that works, you can upgrade to a fancy lamp pull from a craft store.