Bumpers in babies cots, good or bad?

My girlfriend is about 5 months pregnant and we were out shopping for items for the nursery the other day.

The cots available come with optional things called bumpers that come up from the mattress and go up to about 12" around the cot. Sort of like a wind blocker.

My girlfriends mum, mother of 4, tells us that they are now considered bad, don’t know why.

So if they are why do they still sell them? Are they bad? Please help, as I don’t want to be kept up all night by a cold baby crying.


As far as I know, they’re there so baby doesn’t bump their head on the crib bars. I like them, because without them, my daughter tends to get her leg or arm out between the slats as she sleeps and I am paranoid that she’s going to get stuck and twist or fall down and break her leg. Also, when they aren’t there, she tends to sit with her feet hanging out of the slats, but can’t quite figure out how to get back up, and it pisses her off.
I think they are considered “bad” because apparently, when baby starts standing, they can stand on them and leap over the edge of the crib, but the sides on our crib are pretty high, and the bumpers collapse pretty easily when she steps on them.

All the ones I’ve seen in the UK only go about half way down the cot, starting at the head end. So the baby would still be able to get his/hers (don’t know yet!) legs or arms out of the bottom of the cot.

The bumpers I had for all of my kids’ cribs went all the way around the crib, and I liked them. In addition to the reasons stated by angelicate, I thought they made the crib look more “finished”; sort of like a bedskirt does for a bed. I agree that they are considered ‘bad’ because, when the little one starts standing up, they can stand on them and give themselves and extra inch or two with which to catapult over the side of the crib. I stopped using them as soon as my babies started pulling themselves up.

They’re considered bad (according to Oz medical opinion, anyway) because it’s one more thing that a baby might try to stick her head under, leading to increased breathing difficulties, and a greater chance of SIDS. Basically, you’re not supposed to have anything in the cot except the baby, her clothes, and sheets/blankets.

Also, if they’re tied on with string/ribbons the baby could wrap 'em round her neck and choke.

Sorry to feed your parental paranoia :eek:

However, the good news is that there are other solutions to the cold baby problem. Sleeping Bags Are the Answer (IMO) - the sort with arms to stick her arms through, and a bag for the feet.

Not only will this block any draught, but also it will keep her warm when she kicks off all her blankets (which our little angel does constantly) and stop her sticking her legs out the sides

[ObParentingAdviceWarning: Everybodysbabyisdifferent-youaretheparentsnotme-atleasthalfofwhatanyonesaysaboutbabieswillbewrongforsome. But it is true about the anti-SIDS recommendations]

By the way - congratulations!

We’ve already got some bed clothes callled, in the UK, grow bags! They’re like a sleeping bag for babies, that fasten around the shoudlers, where you don’t need any covers in the cot at all.

As you probably know paranoia in new parents is well over the top and I just want the best and the safest.

Thanks for all the advice. It’s really good to hear from other people who’ve been through the same thing.

And cheers Aspidistra, I didn’t even know I had it in me!