Bunnies and swans

I suppose I should start by saying that I grew up in the suburbs north of Baltimore, in a row house, in a neighborhood full of row houses. Wildlife consisted of birds and squirrels and bugs and worms.

Over the last 20 years or so, I’ve lived in less congested areas, some downright rural, and I began to see more life in the wild. There was the possum on our back deck and the deer on our front lawn and the countless lizards and the occasional snake and the glass lizard (those are sooooo cool!)

When my husband lived aboard the boat in Cocoa while going to college, there was a dolphin who hung out in the marina and made his rounds among the boats every morning. But in our marina now, we have bunnies and swans, and I think that’s just great!! Mostly I see the bunnies when I’m leaving for work – they’re usually running for cover as I drive off. This morning, there were two of them just sitting on the side of the road. I guess they knew I was harmless, since they didn’t move.

For some reason, I find the swans to be amazing. Up until a few years ago, swans were only found in books. Then I saw a couple on this creek. I watched them, entranced. The other day, there was one in our marina, between our dock and the next one over. He (that’s a generic he – I am not a swan sex authority) was just floating there, and I stood transfixed, watching him. Then I got to wondering if people eat swan. I mean, they eat duck and goose – why not swan?

Then I went down the dock to the boat and forgot about the swan. But I still think they’re beautiful birds.

I would eat a swan! Be careful, I’m pretty sure swans are mean – like peacocks!

I’ve been told they’re mean, too. But I’ve not gotten close enough to find out. I just admire from a distance.

Maybe I’ll take some pics next time I see one…

For to dihyte a swan:

Hey, my ability to read medieval recipes is still intact!

FCM, I first saw live swans on the river in the English town of Bath–talk about your perfect setting! I half expected to see Eleanor of Aquitiane on the Royal Barge being serenaded by madrigals and lutes! Swans are magnificant birds.

But I bet they taste like chicken. Mmmmmm… Magnificent Chicken…

I have never even seen a swan. I’m jealous. We have lots of bunnies. Early in the spring it’s “awwww, look at the bunnies!” Then by June it’s “God damn evil rabbits, get out of my garden!”

If you have any interest in establishing a private zoo, you are more than welcome to come up here and collect the ducks, geese, deer, chipmunks, foxes, and coyotes.

More specifically, you are welcome to the chipmunks digging up my garden, and whatever it is that’s trying to dig up the chipmunks. It might be the foxes, but I’m betting on the coyotes. I’ll pay you.

You can have the other critters gratis.

More specifically, you are welcome to the chipmunks digging up my garden, and whatever it is that’s trying to dig up the chipmunks. It might be the foxes, but I’m betting on the coyotes. I’ll pay you.

This is why I prefer buildings over trees, concrete and asphalt over grass, and bums over critters. Nature sucks!

I don’t want to set up a zoo, thanks ever so much. The cat is quite enough. I know we have moles in our future yard, and a bat in the attic.

I like nature just fine, except for the stinging and biting parts.

I suppose I should mention that there are lots of ducks around here too - I saw a mama and 5 baby ducklets in the pond at the condos next to the marina.

Oh, and I saw a robin today.

And that’s the nature report for this evening. :smiley:

As I understand it, more people are KILLED AND SERIOUSLY INJURED by swans, geese, and other “park pond” fowl than any other kind of bird in the US.

Oh, heck yes.

Have you ever had a domestic goose come after you? It’s no fun at all, believe me.

You can all consider me a big fat pansy if you want to, but I’m a bit scared of geese. The biting and the wing-bashing really hurts. Especially so when you happen to be a little kid and you have some damned goose trying to kill you. I hate geese.

I also hate horses, goats and sheep. Only two out of three of those have ever tried to kill me, but sheep are the only animals dumber than dairy cows and they gave me lots of problems.

I don’t like cows much, either.

For years, I worked at a psychiatric “rest home” that was semirural, lots of nature and forest and wildlife. The owners put out deer feeders to encourage the deer to hang around.

The land was posted, so there were never any hunters.

I worked a supervisory position for a while on graveyard shift. The only xerox machine was in the Center Supervisor’s Office, at the center of the complex.

The deer were so used to people wandering around, day and night, that they’d come to regard people as harmless. There were hordes of them. I practically had to kick them out of the way to get up the trail to the CSO to do my xeroxing at night…