Bunny Ears and Cuckold's Horns

I definitely feel like I’m over-intellectualizing on this one, but oh well.

The tradition of putting your two fingers behind someone’s head in a picture or in some other situation is pretty familiar to all of us as “bunny ears”. It is seen as a way to sort of make fun of someone. I was wondering if there is any connection to this gesture and to the more archaic tradition of “cuckold’s horns”, the horns a man metaphorically gets when his wife has been sleeping with another man.

If bunny ears don’t come from cuckold’s horns, where do they come from?

I have a photo of myself standing next to Star Trek actress Robin Curtis and I’m giving her the “bunny-ears” treatment, except I’m doing the Vulcan version with all four fingers.

It has nothing to do with the question at hand (no pun intended), but I just like telling funny stories about myself. It’s my hobby.

Could they possibly come from bunnies? :confused:
Or Playboy! :cool: