Bunny Rabbits. Penis Ensues. Newslink

Medical Science marches on, BAY-BEE!

You know what I keep thinking?

It was someone’s job to cut the penises off a bunch of bunnies at the start of the experiment.

“How was work today, honey?”

“Uhhhhhh … don’t ask.”

I’m refusing to click on your link, I prefer to keep my initial mental image of bunny-to-human penis transplants.

In hindsight this was inevitable. ‘F$|(ing like rabbits’ isn’t a term that brings erectile dysfunction to mind.

Sounds like it might be useful for F-to-M transexuals as well.

This is a great leap forward for bunny procreation.

They really didn’t need the help

Uhh, you mean “a great hop forward,” don’t you?

That’s one small hop for a rabbit…one giant leap for manhood^H^H^H^Hkind.

I like this headline at The Register - US boffins hail lab-grown rabbit todger

When I first read your post, I thought “click your link” was code for something. Then I re-read it and realized it wasn’t …
… or was it? :smiley:

So would these test animals be known as Pubic Hares?

The article is definitely getting some attention in those circles.

Fking like bunnies is highly over-rated. Did you ever see bunnies do it? It takes about one second, and then the male hops away without so much as a “call me.”

Female to male transsexuals rejoice!

They actually had all the bunnies lined up, assembly line style, to do this procedure, but every time they approached a bunny, it would hop backward, away from the scientist. This happened with every bunny in the experiment, with every scientist that attempted to try the experiment. So the scientists all had to deal with a receding hare line.

I am not sure where the “penis ensues” thing comes from (though I think I did see a thread where it occurred as a typo) but every time I see it I start laughing! it might be one of the funniest phrases I have ever seen - plus - band name?