Bunny rabbits!

There’s a family of bunnies residing in the main flower bed in front of my office. The current plantings are pink and purple petunias (in a semi-circle) surrounded by green & red coleus. Yes, a perfectly hideous color combination, I know, but the bunnies seem to love the coleus and have been eating them up. It’s surprising just how much and how fast they eat too - I was watching one the other day and it looked like it just about inhaled a stalk of coleus!

There’s a group of us who keep watch of the bunnies - we get nervous if we haven’t seen them. There are at least two, probably more knowing bunnies. I’ve taken to “talking” to the bunny when I see one - baby talk, of course, in a soft voice. I think it’s getting used to my voice because it continues eating while I’m talking to it. There is a lot of traffic in that area, too - both pedestrians and cars/trucks and even buses. Most of it doesn’t appear to phase the bunnies, but they will scoot and rather quickly if someone gets too close to where they are dining. :smiley:

Unfortunately, there are also predators about - my building is surrounded by woods so there are foxes and we also have a “family” of raptors (not sure exactly which kind because they’re usually gliding very high in the sky!). I’ve seen the raptors perching on the building very near to the flower bed. :frowning: We can’t protect the bunnies from any of them, but it’s still fun to enjoy watching the bunnies.

We have bunnies all over our apartment complex. Sometimes late at night a coyote gets one. The scream is quite haunting. I like bunnies.

We have a bunny living under our deck. One day I pulled into the driveway and wait for the bunny to move out of my way. He gave me a disdainful look and lolloped slowly two feet to the left, so I could squeeze in, and then proceeded to ignore me totally as I got out of my car. I watched, fascinated, as he demolished a clump of grass in the driveway. I was able to move within two feet of him before he flicked an irritable ear at me and hopped over to the neighbor’s yard.

I like bunnies, too.