Burger King Adults-only Valentine's Meal-just one small catch

The are actually promoting an Adults-only Valentine’s Day meal, which contains:
2 Whoppers
2 packs of french fries
2 beers
A romantic ADULT TOY inside.

That one small hitch to the deal? It is only being offered in Israel. :frowning:

edited to add: First in with “Is that a Whopper, or are you just glad to see me?”

You know what they call an ADULT TOY in France?

le big mac?

dont leave us hanging!


Is that Kosher?

As long as the toy is served in a separate paper bag.

I remember all my kids’ meal toys smelling of fast food long after the food was gone…

Not a problem unless they order the fish sandwich.

This French fry sauce is bland. And salty.

Sounds like something for 9th graders not grown people