Burger King Pokemon Recall

Anyone else see this commercial? In rapid-fire talking speed, a narrator explains that Burger King is recalling the Pokemon pokey ball they gave away with kiddie meals a few months back. Apparently they’re a choking hazard. The commercial asks that either you throw them away or bring them back to Burger King (where, I would expect, they would throw away).

Did something happen that necessitated the recall? Or did some safety inspector have a cow with it? Huh.

Side note: One of the 4th graders’ parents got busted at my school. Apparently, this parent worked at Burger King and was stealing Pokemon cards (when they were offering them) to give to her daughter. Daughter brought them to school (a no-no), bragged about it, and Mom wound up fired.

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Sadly, there were deaths: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml00/00058.html

If you bring the ball back in, they’ll give you a free order of fries.


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Of course, being a Pokémon product and now having been recalled, do you want to bet how many of these will be traded in for free fries? Not 1/650000th the amount that’ll wind up on eBay with no reserve.

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The first toddler death from suffocation on those Pokemon balls was big news. I heard about it on TV, read about it in the paper, and actually saw notices up at Burger King about the hazard. This was a few weeks before the second death. The parents of the second child said they hadn’t heard about any problems. Left me scratching my head.

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If you want my bluntly honest opinion on the matter, well if I was the person in charge of the whole of Burger King, I would have offered the toddler’s parents free Burger King meals for life and even pay all the funeral expenses, on top of the standard compensation pay out.

Can’t get any fairer than that if you ask me.

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