Burn a CD from an Audible.com download?

I’d like to get my mom an audiobook from audible.com for xmas. However, she’s not really the MP3 player type. Can I burn a copy to CDs for her? (I have Mac computers.)

You can burn to CD, but only in Audio CD format, not MP3 CD format, so it will generally take several discs for a book. And 20+ discs for something big like the new Stephen King book.

Cool. Plain old Audio CD is what I intended. I think the book I’m looking at is 10 discs if I buy it as a regular Audio CD (but less than half the price as a download).


I’d recommend checking to see that what you burned is correct. We tried to burn CDs of Stardust (Neil Gaiman’s book) and it made fewer CDs than expected… it wound up skipping a chunk in the middle. We never figured out just why. Bug in iTunes?