burn remedies...need answer fast.

So, being a dill in the kitchen tonight, I grasped the handle of a stainless-steel frypan straight out of the oven, where it had been cooking at 250 celcius. My whole hand bore the brunt of the assault.

I’ve got a mini icebrick on at the moment 9which is helping heaps, but 2 seconds after i remove it the pain is atrocious again. they’re only superficial, but fuck me dead…what else can i do dear dopers???


I grabbed a hot campfire fork a couple summers ago. I soaked my fingers in ice water for a while, and it still hurt afterwards.

I slathered them with Desitin Creamy (diaper rash cream with aloe (zinc base)) and covered my hand in a sock, took some Aleve and went to bed.

Scout’s honor - when I woke up it was like nothing had happened to my fingers. Desitin is a miracle worker! (I also use it for sunburn)

Are there blisters? Or broken skin? Is it covering your whole palm?

If it’s worse than, say, a bad sunburn, or if it covers a large area, you probably ought to go to the ER. If there’s blisters all over your palm, don’t break them.

Home remedies - be careful with the ice. Be sure you’re not giving yourself freezer burns while attempting to get relief. Cover it with a clean cloth but no salves or butter. Again, for a burn that’s more serious than a sunburn, there’s not really much you can do over the counter. If you need pain medicine more than tylenol or ibuprofen, you’ll need to see the doctor.

I hope it feels better soon.

Thanks…will write more tomorrow. :frowning:

Some home remedies:

Gel from an Aloe Vera leaf. (Tried and trusted)

Oil of St John’s Wort (Tried and trusted)

Yoghurt (hear it recommended often, never tried it but I think it’s for mild burns like sunburn. But it’s probably more easily accessible than the other two).

In any event do keep your burned hand cool/ cold (in a bowl of ice water perhaps?) and I hope it gets better soon.

The exact thing happened to me and I slathered with zinc oxide and it healed perfectly. No pain. And you’re right about pain being hideous. It is.

Egg whites – the placenta for a living being is full of healing agents, and it works quickly . . .

We have a huge Aloe plant just for burn treatment. Also great for healing a tattoo.

Yeah, full of healing agents, like salmonella!

Seriously, do NOT use foodstuffs to treat thermal injuries, that’s just asking for trouble.

It’s too late now, but the the best initial treatment is cool water (50 to 55 degrees F) and keep using cool water as long as needed for the pain. Thorough immersion in cool water prevents a lot of burn complications, and reduces the severity.

I’m assuming your burn is a superficial one. If so, the following is the standard accepted medical advice:

If the skin is intact, aloe vera or bacitracin might help reduce infection and pain, and are unlikely to hurt.

Tylenol or ibuprofen/NSAIDs are the best initial pain relievers. If these are insufficient, consult your doctor. Dressings are generally not needed for intact, nonblistered burns.

If it’s a blistered burn, then aloe vera and/or bacitracin with dressings are often a good idea. Don’t pop intact blisters, but trim ruptured ones.

If in doubt, consult a doctor. One who can see you and your burn, unlike me.

I’ve used mustard to treat burns before. The worst one was where I plopped my hand down on a red hot eye. I had a spiral shaped blister almost immediately. Slapped mustard on it, bandaged it, and left it alone until it stopped hurting, which was about 30 minutes or so. Rinsed the mustard off, re-bandaged, and went on my way.

I’ve also used the gel from aloe vera plants.

Why that particular condiment? I think I’d reach for mayo before mustard.

I shit you not, I did this a few years ago, and we were just talking about it yesterday for some reason. My husband commented on how they thought they might have to take me to the ER, the pain was so overwhelming. But the next day, I was fine. It probably hurts so bad because you piss off every nerve ending on a body part that has lots of exquisitely sensitive ones.

Since then I’ve found that hand burns are tolerable as long as I keep a wet cloth on them, or keep the hand immersed, as the good doctor says above. Take the water away, and the pain comes ROARING back. Its weird.

Hopefully you’ll wake up today nonplussed at how little it hurts. And hopefully you won’t do it again a year later, like I did!

For hand burns from cooking (have done that more often than I care to admit), I fill a small (sandwich or quart-sized) plastic bag with enough aloe to thickly coat the burned area, and put my hand inside. We’re talking maybe a half-centimeter of thickness to the gel layer, or more - whatever soothes the burning feeling. Rubber-band or tape the bag in place if needed. The bag holds the gel against the burn and cuts down on any mess.

yeah much better to immerse in cold water and leave it there. refresh it or throw a few ice cubes in, not ice cold but cold. stops the burn and pain for minor burns.

aloe juice is good on first degree burns for healing.

put a towel or pot holder immediately on the handles of hot things taken out of the oven. don’t open the oven without the protection on your hand. leave it on there while it’s on the stove top or counter until it is safe to touch barehanded. a seconds forgetfulness is easy, frequent and painful.

Idk why. But someone talked me into trying for a minor kitchen burn once. Surprisingly, it took the sting away very quickly. I was quite pleased.

I would use it again if I get burned again. It was quite effective at reducing the smarting.

Silvadene is very good; though you’ll have to see a doctor to get it, and I don’t know how it works if it isn’t applied right away.

Agreed. Now I take the pan out with a mitt on my hand, then immediately slide another mitt over the pan handle, so I can’t absent-mindedly grab the bare, scalding metal.

It’s an antiinfective, and as such should be applied when there’s a significant risk of infection. Not the case for your typical small superficial burn.

I haven’t used it myself, but the SO swears by it.

Personally, I just run cold water over the burn for a while, and then put on some aloe vera gel. (Actually, aloe vera is mostly for sunburns; but I’ve used it on 1st degree burns to good effect.)

Yea, I just kept my hand in a bucket cold water for a few hours and whilst my hand is quite ‘tight’ today, the pain is virtually non-existent.

It’s a blooming miracle! :slight_smile: