Burnin' For You

I burned my first CD last night. I have a lot of CDs on which I like just one or two songs, so I rescued those good songs onto a new CD. Interestingly, some of the new recordings reveal even more detail than before – I can hear little riffs and tones and stuff going on that I never knew was happening. I would have guessed that the recording process would have hurt the sound, not improved it.

It doesn’t surprise me one I thought about it.
I always play CD’s on equipment where there are volume and tone controls at evey component. Some of it must get squashed down and expanded back a few times. Cutting a new CD, being digital, you get to do the same thing. You probably have boosted volume on the “riff” portion at the expense of some part of the track you cant hear. The Dog tones.

Sorry. I forgot Snoopy is a dog. No pun intended! :slight_smile: