Burning Crosses.

Why would the KKK and other groups burn crosses to scare people ?
What does a cross have to do with it ? What was the meaning or message it is supposed to convey ?

The question was why should the KKK burn crosses?

The answer: because a novelist said so. The author of The Clansman (I forget his name) on which the film Birth of a Nation was based made his Kluxers burn fiery crosses as rallying beacons in the belief that Scottish Highlanders had done so. This was popularised by the film.

When the Klan was revived following the success of Birth, its organiser used cross-burnings as central events in Klan rallies. Not surprisingly, this was extended into using them as threats or warnings.

Fragano Ledgister
Last season’s fruit is eaten
And the fullfed beast shall kick the empty pail

Incidentally, Klansmen (yes, I’ve met a few)
don’t call it cross-burning. They call it a cross LIGHTING. Symbolizes the “Fire of the Living Word of God” or some such bullshit. I’m talking here about the old-school Klan. Despicable though they were, they considered themselves upholders of the Christian faith.
These self-appointed Christian soldiers were not just out to kill and scare blacks, though
they certainly did that, too. Their vigilante
activities were also aimed at white wife-beaters and deadbeat dads. They were fearful of Jews and Catholics, too. Horrible as they were, though, they were not anything like the neo-Nazis you see today. I am in NO WAY trying to defend racism in any form, then or now. Just thought you’d find it interesting that a true Klansman would lynch a skinhead in a heartbeat.

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