Burning karaoke CDs

The other night, a couple of discs I just burnt wouldn’t play the first four or five songs, but would play track later in the CD… The CD itself was clean… but the lyrics would just flash… no music…
is this a karaoke machine issue or does mixing different songs from different companies (Sunfly vs Sound Choice vs another)affect the quality of the CD?
If it does, is there a list of what companies mix better with others?
(CD was created with CloneCD…)

I know you need special software and some special burners to make CD+G (CDs plus Graphics). Here’s software for it and there’s a list on the website of the compatible burners.

Of course, this is all assuming that you’re making karaoke discs of your own music that you created and have full copyright authority to.

Here’s another one called Power Karaoke.


[Boo-Boo voice]
I don’t think Ranger Smith is gonna like this, Yogi!

According to some karaoke industry trade association site I visited (I think it’s a front organization operated by Sound Choice), you can’t make backups period, even of discs you’ve purchased. They want it both ways; you have purchased only a license to use the information on the media, yet if the media fails, you’re obliged to purchase another license by way of buying a replacement disc from them.

See http://www.karaokeantipiracyagency.com/faq.html for more information.