Burning of the wicker man

A propos of today’s posting: Did the Celts burn human sacrifices in a huge “wicker man”? - The Straight Dope, I must mention the Swiss Sechselaeute festival held every April in which a giant effigy of the snowman (boogg, or bogeyman) is burnt (or exploded) in a public square called Sechselaeuteplatz to mark the end of winter. See Sechseläuten - Wikipedia for more details.

Hello Cecil,

I would like to point out that Hindus in India burn a tall effigy as well, every Fall. The effigy is of a man with ten heads. Maybe there is some pagan symbolism here? Fire cleanses evil?


No mention of The Wicker Man is complete without this.

And of course for real-life burnt-in-effigy things there’s always Zozobra and Burning Man.

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The 1973 original was far better. Edward Woodward playing the policeman being thwarted in his investigations, seduced and then finally sacrificed by pagan islanders was a classic.