Burning Up A Titanium Powerbook

It seems to ME that the cooling fan in my new TiBook hasn’t gone on in a few weeks. It’s right now, as I type this, on my knees and oh my freaking god is the bottom of this thing scorching hot.

How do I find out if the fan is A) working, and B) working right?

I don’t wanna risk this thing, I’ll shut it down cold for a few days and get it to Apple Store before I risk damaging it. Any thoughts?


Look up the manufacturer’s website for a .pdf file that says “Service Manual”. This will show you how to disassemble the laptop and identify the fan.

Meanwhile, avoid using the laptop as much as possible, or use it right in front of the blast of your aircon. That should cool it.

I’ve chosen to notify my local Apple Store ( lucky for me, I HAVE a local Apple Store…), so they know I’m heading in tomorrow afternoon. It’s well under warranty, they will replace what is not working… <sigh> I’d thought of buying a very small muffin fan, to run against the underside of the TiBook. It is almost always sitting on a Podium Pad anyway, and so the underside is exposed and would benefit from a small breeze running nonstop.

I’ll likely buy one, regardless of what happens with the internal cooling fan. I never believed ANY manufacturer who said, " Oh, it’s meant to run hot".