Bus says there are funds for job retraining

Last night on the debate, Bush said that there are funds for retraining workers whose jobs were outsourced. As I’ve said in several posts, my last company hired the Indian company Tata as “consultants” and many of us were laid off. Since I’m making half what I used to, I can’t afford to go out to a modest dinner once a week; let alone pay for going back to school.

What are these “retraining programmes”, and how do I get a grant so that I can go back to school? Are the funds only for manufacturing jobs; or can they be used for training in the remaining IT jobs? How does one apply?


Trade Adjustment Assistance is what you’re interested in. Isn’t it great how they make up these names? Why, I’d LOVE to have a Temporary Refund Adjustment!

Thanks, Ravenman. I checked out the site. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but I saw something about a 12-month time limit. For me, it’s been 12 months and four days. It also said something about having to get three laid-off employees together to apply. I sure wish I’d heard about this a year ago!