Bush and Kerry did WHAT?!

I must be tired. I swear I didn’t see the word “on” when I first read this headline:

Bush and Kerry trade blows on jobs

That is all.



Glad to hear I’m not the only one who did a triple-take with that one.

Yah, “on” is definantly a hiding word. Oh man, whoever wrote that - what were they thinking?

There must be something going around. Not an hour ago I misread

Four killed in Israeli incursion

as “Four killed in Israeli circumcision”.

I was thinking, sheesh, did the mohel use a chainsaw or something?

Man, is *my * timing all off! My thread from last week, Horribly Misread Headlines. Eh - you win some, you lose some, then you get kicked in the crotch.

This sounds like an EXCELLENT way to decide the next president.

BUSH: “My fellow Americans, at 10:30 this morning, I sucked Senator Kerry’s dick, and it tasted good. I have decided to step down from the office of the Presidency… and will someone hand me a towel? I still got some Kerry juice on my chin.”

I saw that movie. The Texas Bris Massacre

It’s funny. I could totally hear Dubya’s voice in my head while I read this.

Probably something like, “Man, I am so sick of this campaign business. I wish there was some way to make fun of these two losers. Oh wait…”