Bush Announces Opposition to Legacy College Admissions

For the second time in two days, Bush has left me speechless. Not mad, just speechless.

CNN: Bush Opposed to ‘Legacy’ College Admissions

I got nothing. I’m not even calling him an idiot at the moment, but if he’s not a legacy (and yes, I’m opposed to them), then who is?? :confused:

These sort of things don’t shock me anymore.

It’s all part of George’s “Hustle to the middle” pre-election shuffle. I wouldn’t expect him to actually follow through on this promise if he’s re-elected (heaven forbid).

Just because Bush was a legacy doesn’t mean he can’t be against legacy admissions. What’s wrong with having the position “I benefitted from it in the past, but I think it’s wrong and should be halted?”

I’m not sure I get it. What’s so wrong with that position? Aside from the hypocrasy, of course.

Of course, if you believe Bush is lying and isn’t against legacy admissions, then I can see your point. I gather this is the position of posters 1-3.

Not my position. He should have said what you said.

And his daughter probably did too, so one might wonder when he decided he was against them. Taken in context, in which he’s also using it as an argument against affirmative action, I think it’s ridiculous.

Nothing at all. Now ask yourself what Bush or Cheney or other Republicans might say if Kerry or Edwards was a legacy and made similar comments and you might understand why I find this amusing.

This isn’t a ‘mad’ pitting. It’s just a ‘damn, that’s funny’ kind of thing that I don’t think would fit anywhere else because it would turn into an argument.

That’s right. Just ask Clarence Thomas.

I expect Bush will soon be introducing legislation to ban legacy admissions at any college that receives federal aid or research money. I know he wouldn’t just be using this issue to score cheap political points before the election - it’s just not his style.

From the same speech:

You have to respect a guy who is running for a job he doesn’t want, is waiting for someone to tell him when the war is over, has learned the hard way about “I told you so,” and is ready to reform college admissions. What a guy. :slight_smile:

He acknowledged his own use of legacy admissions (at least that’s how I interpret it):

I was just agreeing with Neuroman, that’s all. Not quite sure what you mean here, it’s the end of the day and my brain is a bit burned out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Metacom, I think I have to lie down… very funny… :smiley:

But how will Flounder get into college?

Much less the Deltas???

I’ve completely baffled myself as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was responding to the “he’s a hypocrite” sentiments and hadn’t noticed that Marley23 had included what I’d quoted in the OP. I’d already read the article on CNN before the pitting, so didn’t bother to read all of what’d been quoted in the OP. I have no idea how World Eater got thrown into the mix (likely a misquote). My mistake…

Yeah, at least momentary speechlessness is the appropriate response here. Mr. Solely-On-My-Own-Merit speaks out on behalf of fair play for all. One can only assume he was temporarily addled by the stress of electioneering.

I didn’t hear any promise to do away with “legacy” preferences.
“I wish I wasn’t the war president. Who in the heck wants to be a war president? I don’t.”

You silver-tongued devil. :rolleyes:

If I benefit from something when I’m younger and come out against it when I’m older does that make me an idiot or a hypocrite?


When I was 11 I was caught shoplifting. I suspect being white was part of why the store owner let me go.

To this day, I support racial profiling. Don’t wanna be a hypocrite…

Hey, if Bush is against it, that means he has always been against it. Anything else would be (dum-dum-DUM!) flip-flopping, and only communists, Satanists, and Democrats do that sort of thing.