Bush Cabinet Resigns?

I see postings about one or another cabinet member resigning. Is it still true that in fact all cabinet members submit letters of resignation upon the president’s re-election but that we hear about only those that are accepted?

Cabinet members are under no legal or constitutional obligation to resign when their boss gets re-elected. There is usually some turn-over, simply because it is a good time for those advisors that want to move on to do so, but that is by choice.

True, there’s no constitutional or legal requirement for them to offer their resignations, but it is traditional for them to do so. Or at least that’s the widely held belief that the OP is asking about.

I happen to know one of the Bush cabinet members. To make it short, no the story is not true.

From Googling the subject, The Ithaca Times of 11/10/04 said this in an article on the matter:

“Unlike some previous presidents, Bush hasn’t asked Cabinet members to submit their resignations as a group. Even so, he’s made it clear that he expects changes in his administration.”

I knew it had happened in previous re-elections, but I see it’s clearly optional.

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An executive officer who serves at the President’s pleasure, including a Cabinet secretary, holds office until the President accepts his or her resignation or dismisses him or her. Most reelected presidents have asked for their appointees’ resignations after reelection, accepted a few resignations, and declined the other resignations:

Bradley H. Patterson Jr., The White House Staff: Inside the West Wing and Beyond 227-28 (2000).