Bush/Cheney divide?

Bush being declared incompetent and removed from office? Yeah, that just might make the papers.

Having watched that horrifying clip of Bush stumbling through the “unrehearsed” chat with the soldiers in Iraq, I gotta say the Cheneyites have reason to think they could pull it off.

It’s a pretty tough scenario to imagine, though. President Dick “Nineteen Percent” Cheney? The guy with lower public approval ratings than Nixon had when he resigned in disgrace? How the hell could President Cheney even hope to govern the country?

You know those “secret CIA prison camps”… maybe they’re not all in Eastern Europe.

They’re not. There’s one in Gitmo. As John Stewart put it on the Daily Show last night: “Even Gitmo has a … Gitmo. And the worst part of that is … you KNOW Gitmo’s Gitmo has a Gitmo!”

Thanks for the post. If half of that is true, then I couldn’t be happier. All of it being true would be orgasmic.

I’d be happier by far if Bush and Cheney would just start doing their damn jobs. A melted-down administration is as bad for the country as the irresponsible one we’ve had for 5 years. We don’t get to replace them until 2008 - meanwhile, the damage is going to continue and increase, or else we’ll have to go through an impeachment/resignation drama with both of them, consuming a year or more by itself, followed by a caretaker Hastert administration with little real support of its own.

No, the only thing I’m happy to see is that so many of my fellow citizens are awakening from Terrorist Hypnosis and are ready to take on more of their required responsibility for our government themselves.

Be careful what you wish for, fellow lib Dem! On the one hand, I’m not sorry if the Administration has to face up to some of the negative consequences of its bad decisions. On the other hand, I am not comfortable with the prospect of the Commander-in-Chief and Chief Exec being “out of control” and mentally “blanking out at crucial times” and paranoid and unable to contain his rage, while the more “reality-based” members of his administration scuttle for the escape hatch.

And “not comfortable” is putting it pretty fucking mildly. No, please, let’s not hope that all of this is literally true or that it foreshadows a total meltdown of the Administration. For better and for worse, they’re our leaders, for the present.

You’d normally think it would pretty much have to be, wouldn’t you?

It’s hard to describe a hypothetical scenario worse than the real one without resorting to ridiculous hyperbole. People have often said (of many different Presidential administrations) that the country would be better off with no prez at all than ____, the current one. Or better that they’re so derailed that they can’t get anything at all done than that they continue to do the kind of ____ political idiocies they were doing back when they weren’t paralyzed into ineffectiveness.

I’m not so sure it’s hyperbole any more.

Hasn’t he been secretly governing the country since GWB’s election? From an undislosed location?

Heh. Even if he had been, of course, governing secretly through a popular puppet leader is one thing; governing openly as your own much-disliked self is harder.

I dunno. Maybe God’s just having second thoughts about anointing this idiot. Since He can’t lose face, He’s trying to lay it off on Cheney.

Or we wait until the Democrats take back the House in 2009, impeach the rascals, and we get interim President Pelosi!

Bob, dude, we libs are supposed to be the **reality-**based community here. I know it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it. :wink:

I know but a guy can dream, can’t he? Not a huge Pelosi fan but boy wouldn’t it be fun to see the right wing hysteria that a President Pelosi would bring.

So Bush has decided to stop emulating Lyndon and has moved on to Dick Nixon, eh? When he gets around to doing Gerold Ford impressions someone let Chevy Chase know; he has this old routine in waiting in hopes of reviving his ice-cold corpse of a career. At least someone might benefit from this mess.

What’s old is new again. [thread=343469]Those people who are so hep on the 60s[/thread] should be excited.


No shit? Heavy.

I know for a fact that Laura takes it in the ass.

Ok, first thing I gotta say:

REALITY BASED COMMUNITY is the dumbest fucking concept I’ve ever heard. I watched for the last five years as Liberals talked about how much smarter they were than conservatives as the conservatives outsmarted them again and again. Neither side has been particularly “reality based” for the past five years.

Ok, on to the next thing. Bush is melting down, but Cheney’s base is crumbling. The entire executive is going down, it’s not just an insane president, it’s a fractured executive through and through.

Soldiers have free will. Cheney could not institute martial law even if he took power. Being president doesn’t make one god of the universe, they have to have the support of the populace to govern, something Cheney wouldn’t have.

Last but not least, if Cheney tried to take Bush out due to mental instability, we’d start seeing new evidence come to light that would be enough to indict Cheney. Cheney cannot stay in the administration without Bush.
So the thing that really disturbs me is that now is the best time to attack. If I were Osama bin Laden, I’d hit before the year is out, while we have a shattered executive that won’t be able to come up with a coherent retaliatory plan. That’s what I am really worried about. This partisan hackery is all useless whingeing as far as I’m concerned.


Oh, come now, it can’t hold a candle to the “grave and gathering threat” posed by Iraq.

You do know who came up with it, don’t you? Here’s Ron Suskind: