Bush Gore GPAs?

Anyone know how where to find this info?
Who has a higher Grade Point Average -Al Gore or George W. Bush? For that matter , Kerry, Clinton, rumsfeld, my cat… :dubious:
The political banter on the internet leans to everyone claiming that their preferred candidate has the lead.
Can this be definitively answered?
I thank you for your time. If anyone has already addressed this or has the info elsewhere a point in the correct direction would be most appreciated.
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Gore Wiki


Clinton wiki

It has been stated in the Right Wing Media that W had a higher GPA than Gore or Kerry, I don’t recall, and I don’t know if it is true, and even if it is, a GPA is not something I would care to bet our future on. I would rather have an honest man of average intelligence than a devious man of high intelligence. Any day.

Al Gore’s IQ scores, from tests administered at St. Alban’s School in 1961 and 1964 (his freshman and senior years) respectively, have been recorded as 133 and 134.

Mine has been repeatedly measured at 138-140. Make me the damn President! Oh, I forgot, we don’t elect Presidents based on IQ scores.

And we’re quite lucky we don’t. I’m in the aforesaid IQ range, and my reign as President would end in death, terror, tears and oatmeal. Possibly not in that order. High IQ people often make miserable leaders.

If the Right Wing Media bring it up, it’s not to make George W. look like a genius. Rather, it’s to dispel the notion that his opponents were geniuses.

Al Gore and George Bush have a lot in common: they’re both children of privilege, the sons of welathy Senators, and both went to elite colleges because of their families’ connections. Once in those colleges, they both appear to have screwed around, goofed off, and gotten mediocre grades.

The only difference is, liberals have generally given Al Gore a free pass, and treated him like an intellectual- which the record indicates he isn’t.

Wow. So to give a factual answer to the OP, you go to wiki for Gore and Clinton, but for Bush you go to what is essentially I_hate_bush.com. Nice touch. Wiki lists Bush’s GPA at Yale to have been 2.35/4.0, and the Washington Post listed S.A.T. scores of 566 (verbal) and 640 (math).

What I’ve read thus far and what I’ve known previously is that Clinton was very smart academically.
Gore did pretty well too. GPA in the 3.11 area
Kerry and Bush, not too bright. If they didn’t have money backing their asses up they’d have been kicked out. I think they both wound up with GPA’s in the low 2.0-2.5 range AT BEST. But earlier scores indicate they made a shitload of D’s. I don’t know about you guys but when I was in college too many D’s and you might be packing your bags.

I read a letter once upon a time (just some photocopy on the net and yeah I know, it had to have been bullshit, right?)
Anyway, before GWB was elected POTUS it was a letter from his fifth grade teacher. She was describing little George’s reading problem. From the way she described his reading problems I’d swear he was dyslexic. The letter has since "disappeared. Like I said it was before he ran for pres.

Well, you don’t get to be a Rhodes Scholar by goofing off. No question the guy was both smart and he did well academically. Kerry and Bush probably didn’t “apply themselves” as the nuns used to say (judging form their SAT scores vs their grades).

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was dyslexic. I doubt, though, that dyslexia was diagnosed all that well when he was growing up. I’m about 10 years younger, and we never had any “dyslexics” in class-- they were just called “slow”. Times were tough, back in the day! :slight_smile:

Apparently he (Bush) does have dyslexia along with his brother Neil. Now how the hell did I miss that. I suspected it but never heard him or anyone else admit it.

“The woman who knew that I had dyslexia --” I never interviewed her." --George W. Bush, responding to a magazine article claiming he suffered from dyslexia, Orange, Calif., Sept. 15, 2000

Apparently he mixes up Qs and Ns at the end of words.

That’s a pretty great leap, I’d say. While a good GPA is not necessarily an indication of genius, a poor college GPA is no more proof that someone isn’t an intellectual once he hits his 50’s. Exactly what the word means is a pretty fuzzy question in this context, but presumably it means something like “smart + engaged + intellectually curious + willing to change views in face of contrary evidence.” Far be it from me to say whether that applies to either the former Vice President or the current president (although certainly I have some ideas on the subject). But regardless of how the word applies to either of these particular dudes, the face that one is a pot-smoking goof off at 20 doesn’t mean he can’t be an intellectual decades later once he’s reordered the priorities of his life. Shit, it took me less than a decade to go from a 2.6 (booze-fueled undergrad) to a 3.8 (law school). And if I might blow my own trumpet a moment, there are those that would call me an intellectual today.


Argh. That should be “the fact that one is a pot-smoking goof off…”


Another difference is military service. Gore went to Viet Nam. Bush marked the box that he was not willing to serve overseas.

True. Gore carried a locked and loaded typewriter through the jungle. :wink: