Bush hired Supreme Court children??

I heard this in passing tonight on Politically Incorrect, but haven’t been able to find a story to substantiate it.
Bill Maher brought up the fact that Dubya hired the offspring of two different Supreme Court justices (Rhenquist and Scalia, I think) to work at the white house. Anybody know the skinny on this, or have a link?


Eugene Scalia was appointed to head the legal team at the Dept of Labor:


(BTW, I tried to cite the original law.com page, rather than this obviously anti-bush website, but the law.com page would not load on my machine).

I have heard of another appointment of a supreme court offspring, but I can’t recall it or find any details.

Thanks Chas…

I was able to find a working link from law.com. Let’s see if it’ll function if I post it.

Scalia link

I was able to find info about Janet Rehnquist (daughter of William) being considered for nomination (by Bush) to the Department of Health & Human Services’ Inspector General post in May, but I couldn’t find anything beyond that.

I did discover that Janet Rehnquist was legal counsel to Bush Sr. during the Iran/Contra investigation, which is interesting.

Since I can’t edit my post, I’ll try it again here:

Scalia link