Bush must think that serving in the US Military is a special right.

Interestingly, “60 Minutes” did a report on this very issue back in the day, when DADT first reared its head.

Members of a platoon of new recruits were all childishly paranoid about gays in the military, while a group of seasoned paratroopers had apparently attained anough maturity to realize that it was a person’s dedication, not their sexuality, that determined whether or not they were fit to serve.

I believe the quote form one, when asked how he would feel if he knew one of his cohorts were gay, was:

“They’re a soldier. If they were gay, they would be a gay… soldier.”

Having grown up with military parents (my dad was career Navy, where he met my mom, who did a four-year tour), I find the whole gays in the military subject preposterous. There are gay people in the military. There always HAVE BEEN gay people in the military. My mother had to deal with lesbian superior officers in the 1960s, some who were fine people, some who were total a-holes that sexually harassed those under their command. But then, my Dad’s fellow officers were the Tailhook guys, arrogant flyboys who did the same.

You’re going to have gays in the military. You’re going to have abuses of power. You’re going to have people being uncomfortable with other types of people (gays, blacks, women, Catholics, etc.), esp. until they work alongside them for a long while. Too bad. Getting along with each other, whatever the differences, is just another training problem for the military to face up to and overcome.

This is an entirely accurate description of how I felt, at the time, and I am sure of how many of my fellow Airmen felt.

Once I grew up a bit, and experienced a bit more of the world, I realized how stupid I was and ceased caring about idiotic issues such as sexual orientation, race, sex, or religious beliefs and started caring about the only thing that matters - did I like this person?

Then my life got interesting :slight_smile: