Bush on Nat Geo...no smarter now.

He was “quisked” away from the school, and “the war came upon us unexepectedly…and in a time of war …you don’t weigh the consequences, you just do it.”:eek:

Really? In 2011 you’re going to rip on his pronunciation? You going to get on Dan Quayles spelling next?

I thought it was a decent interview for the most part. Nothing really revelatory but it seemed thoughtful enough. Anyone expecting to learn something new about 9/11 will probably be disappointed but I enjoyed hearing him speak about that day/week. I think he seemed to be more focused on being honest about that time period than he was about watching every word in fear they would be picked apart on the internet.

Still don’t like him but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Had I been offered large sums of money to listen to Bush speak and/or to see his face on TV, I would have declined. At it was, I re-read an old book I like a lot.

I thought the interview was good. If not for anything else, it was good for the historical records to have Bush’s first person video account about what happened and what went through his mind on one of the most historic days in U.S. history. Imagine how great it would be to have FDR’s first person video account about the day of the Pearl Harbor attack or Neil Armstrong’s contemporaneous account of his walk on the moon. None of this has anything to do with politics.

I’m guessing the OP’s point has more to do with “in a time of war …you don’t weigh the consequences…” Of course, in a time of war is the most important possible time to weigh consequences. This man had control of the nuclear football, for God’s sake, and he’s proud of not weighing consequences.