Bush press conference reviewed by AP before it happened?

According to Buzzflash (apparently a left-wing version of the Drudge Report) this AP review of Bush’s 10/11 press conference was written the morning before he gave it. Check the date and time under the reporter’s name.

It could be a simple mistake on Newsday’s part, and the date should be 10/12 (it couldn’t be 10/11 9:21 PM, since Bush was still speaking at that time). But I remember earlier this year there were charges that the AP reported on Bush appearances before he made them. Is there any way to prove the AP story above was (or wasn’t) written Thursday morning?

The article has direct quotes from Bush, which would mean (assuming the article was written early) his remarks were leaked to the writer. This happens with State of the Union speeches, as well as Dem/Rep convention speeches, but I don’t remember it occuring for a press conference.
Assuming some of Bush’s remarks were in fact leaked early, is it ethical for either the Bush administration or the AP to do so? Is it ethical for an AP writer to write a seemingly positive (or negative) review of a President’s press conference, or any appearance by him, before it actually happens?