Bush's "Closed Door" policy

I heard about but missed this on the news this morning. I assumed there’s be a big deal about it on this Board. I still haven’t seen it, and there’s nothinmg on my Yahoo page about it. But here’s the beeb on it:
Did anyone see this? hat happened?

He throw up on Hu Jintao? No? Well then it coulda been worse.

Not really anything to debate though. I’m sure this will get a spot on the “bloopers” reel in the Bush Presidential Library along with the choking on the pretzel thing, falling off his bike and the Iraq War.

Even I can’t find much to pick on here. So he got confused about where the exit was. No big deal.

Um, yeah - the illustrative part of the story was his unnecessary dismissiveness towards the people with the power to shape his public image, and set the limits on his effectiveness for the rest of his term.

You’d think the reporter could come up with a better question for the POTUS after his meeting with the leader of China then :“is something bothering you?” Maybe something with the phrases “trade imbalance”, “human rights”, “political prisoners”, etc.

Bush’s mistake did not nearly rise to “pulling a Pressler” –

“[Former South Dakota Senator Larry] Pressler has had repeated difficulties with closets. On one occasion he fell asleep in one and arrived late to an important hearing. In another incident he rose from a meeting with colleagues in the Commerce Committee and mistook a closet door for the exit. He realized his mistake but apparently thought the best strategy would be to wait to emerge until everyone else left the room, a tactic that failed when his companions decided to wait him out.”

Stories about some dumb (former) members of congress.

Could have been worse. He could have said all these Chinese doors look alike.

No, as far as I can determine from the article, no one was wearing a hat at the time.

Start your “exit strategy” jokes in 3…2…1…

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Not a debate, more of a funny story. To MPSIMS.

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Cute but little more.

I’ve done similar things in the morning.

Though maybe he was trying to get Tom Cruise to come out of the closet.

Al Franken’s reaction to Bush’s mugging for the cameras after trying to exit through a locked door was approval. He said he likes Bush’s appreciation of humor.

The question remains “what exactly are they hiding behind those locked doors?”

I understand that the Bush camp has released a statement saying the confusion with the doors was Clinton’s fault.

Needed better stage direction.

Where was Allison Barber when he needed her?

One of Dave Letterman’s Top 10 bits on this was “Well, at least I didn’t throw up on anyone like Daddy did!”