Bush's Local Authority in DC?

Until Bush, “Jr.” came to Wash DC, the DC license plates carried the slogan “Taxation Without Representation”. THEN, the media claimed as Bush, “Jr.” was being sworn in, Bush, “Jr.” either (a) already ORDERED the slogan removed OR (b) it was to be his first order of business.

Now, where does the US Constitution say he can do this?
How did he act PRIOR to taking office? (His limos were already changed!) And, whatever happened to freedom of speech by the people of DC? Maybe when we killed “Chad”, we jeopardized all our rights?

Just wondering…

  • Jinx

I believe that all the President did was remove those plates from his limos, the plates that Clinton cheekily put on there shortly before he left office (you know–between the pardons and the arsenic regulations–but I suppose that’s for another thread and forum). DC plates still bear the slogan. I think that’s certainly his perogative–I can’t begin to imagine that DC can require federal vehicles to carry DC license plates.

Since all authority exercised by the District of Columbia locally has to be granted by Congress, I imagine that the President or anyone else in the Federal Government can assert supremacy on just about any matter.

Yeah, the license plates here still say “Taxation w/o Representation”. Just not the ones on the President’s limo.