Business as usual for Bush

Business as usual, in that the Bush Administration expects deception and misdirection to justify a war they’ve already decided to wage.

Time: Why ‘No-Fly’ Zone Clashes Won’t Trigger an Iraq War

I myself saw Bush stating on television that “firing on Americans is not compliance.” And yet, the UN inspectors themselves are meeting nothing but cooperation, and have not described any problems as of yet. The UN resolution itself doesn’t back what the White House is saying, either.

Bush will doubtless find reasons to justify his war… he’s looking for it, and he’ll find it. However, foolish gambits like this insult the intelligence of Americans. Bush seems to think we are children, and will believe what he says just because he says it.

Think again, Mr. Bush… think again.

Wow. I have never heard of someone accusing President Bush of ‘wanting a war’. This is a groundbreaking opinion you hold.

Have you thought of hosting a ‘teach-in’ at your local university?
But I am sort of confused. You state that the Iraqi’s have done nothing but cooperate with the inspectors, but the Right-Wing controlled media seems to be reporting otherwise. However can I reconcile facts with my particular world view? How do you do it?

—Think again, Mr. Bush… think again.—

I am sorry to report that the President will be unable to read your comments, as incisive as they might be, due to an exceedingly busy schedule. He surely would have appreciated your candor, however, and regrets missing out on your surely winning insight into his own mind.

Wow. Thank you for posting. We are so lucky to have your keen insight. A whole bunch of your opinions, a couple of quotes and some extreme hyperbole will definitely change people’s minds about President Bush and the potential war in Iraq.