Business Attire Hats

This idea came to me while I was looking over my options for a dinner tonight–business casual, whatever that means. Anyway, I was trying on my overcoat and mulling over the merits of a suit over a blazer, I spotted my Broncos gatsby hat. It’s a gatsby (or a newsboy) with a little Broncos logo on the back, in either really dark blue or black. Anyway, I don’t think it’s appropriate for business attire because of the logo, but it got me wondering about hats in general. If it didn’t have a logo, could I wear it while nattily attired? How about something along the lines of a Stetson or a fedora? (I often wish I could pull off a hat and trenchcoat or something similar, especially after watching Bogart movies.) I’m looking at the Men’s Wearhouse website (I’ve been really pleased with their service and selection each time I’ve been to a brick-and-mortar location) and they do have hats, but I have no idea what kind they are. And they don’t have any useful articles on hats.

I’m not much of one for fashion or dressing up, but I do believe in being able to dress for the occasion, though my wardrobe is currently a bit thin for much of anything. Is there any time where a nice hat would go with the occasion?

Opinions differ, of course, but most “experts” I’ve read indicate that hats and caps are never appropriate business attire, nor business casual attire. It goes without saying that hats don’t belong indoors.

So, when can you wear a hat? Other than in old black-and-white movies?

In summer, I tend to wear a Panama hat going to and from work.

Clothes horse checking in…

Hats (for men), like casual vests, have fallen out of fashion. It’s a shame because they did add a certain element of style to a well cut suit and coat. On the other hand, it was always the custom (when hats were in style) to remove it when entering a building or house or room.

Still, like a proper shoe cobbler, there are still some fine hat stores around in major metropolitan areas - at least that’s been my experience. If I looked good in a brimmed hat, I’d probably wear one from time to time simply for the novelty of it. If you find you look good in a hat, I say - go for it! :cool:

Outdoors. You may wear a hat on your commute, and any time you are outdoors or in public space (lobbies, elevators and stairways; also grocery stores). In private space indoors the hat comes off.