Business casual in Italy

I am traveling to Rome and eating at a Michelin restaurant. A lot require a jacket but this one says “business casual”. Since I don’t think the rest of the world has the exact culture of the US, I’m curious what “business casual” for men is in Rome. Button down shirt and slacks like the US? Tie required? Jacket needed? Your second-best fashionable suit?

I did email back asking for clarification but this is kind of a NAF.

yerwot mate?

If there is one thing Italian men are famous for, it is being smartly dressed. A well-known website I checked suggested: “A well-tailored blazer paired with dark jeans or trousers, a crisp button-down shirt, and leather shoes is a classic choice.”

I’d say no shorts, blue jeans, t-shirts or sneakers.

Just checked with an Italian colleague, he said chinos or dress slacks or black (not blue) jeans, dress shirt, and a blazer or sports coat. Good shoes, not sneakers. No tie.

Need Answer Fast

See, this is why I come here for answers. Thanks. My son wants to wear khaki pants so that seems OK.

Indeed. I make an effort in Italy and I still feel underdressed. There’s … I don’t know, an ease to Italian fashion that I envy.

I looked around for a representative article, and I found this one to have a pretty good sampling of “casually” dressed Italian men.

(Telegraph technically has a paywall but it shouldn’t kick in unless you’ve visited them recently.)

Depending on the weather I would interpret that as “not a t-shirt”.

Italians are known to be smart dressers, Italy is not known for enforcing petty rules.