Business License Obligations?

I started a lawn business in college as a way to make some side cash. Last November, I received a business license renewal letter in the mail from my city. Since the last renewal cycle I had pretty much given up the business because I was able to gain full time employment after graduating. Naturally, I paid little attention to the letter because I did not plan to continue operating the business.

Fast forward last Thursday and I received an ordinance violation notification on my front door step for operating without a business license. It also says I have 5 business days to respond or a court order will be issued (which I assume means warrant for my arrest?). The fine isn’t too steep ($110.00) but it’s definitely something I’d like to avoid paying.

My question is this: Is it a feasible to call them on Monday and explain my situation? Basically, I saw no need to renew the license and took no action as a result. Or am I going to have to basically pay this fine as a result of my negligence?


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It depends on the municipality. In some places, you owe the fine, regardless. You can notify them after the fact that you’re closed, but because you didn’t tell them in writing, on time, you still owe.

Other places, you can just call them up, explain the situation, and they’ll waive the fees. Typically, they will request something in writing.

Be sure to keep a copy of what you send to them because you may get another notice next year.

Well, did you call them on Monday?

Yes, Dynamo, please update.