I travel through the CBD of Melbourne every day to get to and from work. And I encounter buskers of various musical genres and relative talent…some awfully good, some who should be shot and put out of our misery.

Today I encountered a new one, a face and a sound I had never heard before. A young fellow, he stood beside a lamp-post playing an out-of-tune ukelele, and as I turned my head to find out where this abysmal noise was coming from, I spied a message pinned to his jumper with a safety-pin.

Help this idiot boy to buy a real guitar

I threw him five bucks just for originality. :smiley:

I saw some entertaining buskers in Sweden. Or was it Denmark? (It’s been a while.) Some wacky Englishmen playing guitars and banjos and wearing pots on their heads. Then there was the Spanish guy in Munich playing “Joo Are the Sunshine of my Life”.

But I think my favourite busker is in Santa Monica. Some old Eastern European guy with Psychic Cat(s). I think someone snapped a photo at an L.A. Dopefest.

I used to be a busker, when I was poor and not able to work legally. It was pretty fun. I hope I didn’t piss anyone off.

i consider any trip on the london underground wasted unless i get at least one person badly playing “losing my religion”

At some Tube stations now they’ve got licsenced buskers - and some of them are actually pretty damned good.

I usually give buskers something, sometimes just change, sometimes more. I woulda done what you did and thrown him a few just for originality.

We used to have a guy here (he’s gone national now) who would ask tourists for their zip code, and he could not only tell them where they lived, but tell a story about their town or even neighborhood in some cases.

I don’t know how he did it.

I think I can speak for the average American, when I say I have no idea what the following words mean:
[li]CBD[/li][li]busker[/li][li]jumper[/li][/ul] Americans – we’re provincial!

Oops, sorry.

CBD = Central Business District (or Downtown)

Busker = A person who plays a musical instrument/sings/dances/recites poetry for the entertainment of passers-by in return for their small change.

Jumper = Pullover, Jersey or perhaps a Hoodie.

Americans = Dumb Yanks. :smiley:

Oh golly, humble apologies. I read your reply first in my hotmail.com messages, and the post appeared as if you were requesting translation for *all * the things from CBD right down to Americans. ‘Americans’ was bulleted along with the rest of the terms, so I gave my smart-arsed translation of that too before I had bothered to read your post here on the actual board.

Does that make sense?

There’s a guy in the Minneapolis skyway (which is like a catwalk over the streets between building cause brrrr it’s cold!) there’s a guy who has two marionettes and sings songs from Fiddler on the Roof in a very old-country baritone.

It’s so fabulously depressing and beautiful.


I dunno if I agree. As an average american I can say that I am quite familiar with the term busker and indeed, when I was in the UK I was with people who did not know the term. I don’t think it has any thing to do with province.

Busker playing a saw on Grafton Street in Dublin.

Hey, now! I’ll have you know that we **PREFER ** the term, “Yankee Imperialist Dogs.”