Busting Tile

I’ve got a few contractors over busting the original tile in my foyer so I can replace it with something more aesthetically pleasing.

However, I’m noticing a strong, acrid smell throughout the home. It smells like smoke.

Is this normal?

Should tile dust smell like smoke?

What tools are they using?

I wasn’t watching because the sound was just piercing to my ears but I think they were just smashing it away with something - I didn’t hear any power tools.

I asked because electric hammers often emit an acrid smell (the brushes make this odor when hot). The tile, grout and mortar dust might smell a bit like smoke, I suppose.

What kind of tiles? Possibly a piezoelectric effect causing sparking?

Why are they busting it? Is it mortared in?

It would be bedded, if it was installed correctly. So breaking of tile would be pretty much inevitable. I can’t imagine breaking it up into tiny chunks if it was avoidable. It just creates a bigger cleanup mess.