But Janeane Garafalo's knees are so cute!

Urgent action is needed to save Janeane Garafalo’s knees! She’s such a cutey. I adore her. But it seems that her lovely dimpled knees are in deadly danger.
She was asked in an interview what her reaction would be if she were wrong about Iraq, if Iraqis welcomed allied soldiers with flowers and kisses. And she said:

I’m sure Ms. Garafalo is a woman of her word. Maybe we can get that “candy glass” they use in movie so it won’t hurt too much. I am staying awake nights fretting about what a beating her knees are about to take.

I think we need to worry about this as much as we needed to worry about losing the wonderful acting ability of Mr. Alec Baldwin to the great and brave nation of France after the election of President Bush.

First breast reduction surgery and now knee mangling. Next she’ll be cutting off her ears to reduce the trade deficit.

I saw an interview with her decrying the looming war, I guess back in February. Of course no one KNEW who was actually right at the time.

When the interviewer asked her how she was an authority on the subject at hand she replied, without joking, “I have a satellite dish, and since I began my recovery from alcoholism, I have watched international news intently. Its almost an obsession.”

What? You are an authority because you watch the news from other countries?

It is a pity. I did like her alot before all of this came down. She si deluding herself if she thinks the “publicity” she is getting is going to help her career.

Its not like she’d be the first.

It’s obvious from her statements that Garafalo is an idiot. Now we know that she is a liar too.

Too bad. She really is cute.

Shouldn’t this be in the Pit? Is there a debate here?

Like many entertainers, and unlike politicians, Garafalo is not careful about making statements that actually say something and make promises, even obvious hyperbolic promises that no sane person would actually hold her to.

She was wrong about the reaction of the Iraqi people. I myself was a bit surprised that they reacted to an invading foreign force with open arms. Before moving on to looting, that is.

So? Her core point, that this war is wrong, has not been refuted (nor do I expect it, or the opposite opinion to ever be refuted). Agree with her, disagree with her, she’s a person with a political opinion, just like the rest of us. The difference is, people actually recorded her words to use against her later.

This is not a debate, it’s another petty diatribe against people who diasagree with the war. Put it in the pit.

And what Menocchio said.

A whopping 158 people have joined the boycott against Garafolo.

I’ve read some articles which suggest that the response to US troops has not been universal or as widespread as the media has suggested. The articles have claimed that the “masses” of people reported cheering and throwing flowers were small crowds at best. Meanwhile, I heard on NPR today that Iraqis are protesting outside of meetings to appoint the new government, some demanding that the US stay out of it. Apparently, most Iraqis are just staying home.

Perhaps Jenean’s knees are safe for a while.

Janeane had breast reduction sugery?

If the military of the most powerful nation on earth had just finished trouncing your country’s military forces and were marching through the streets and pulling down statues of your ruler in the public square, under which of the following circumstances would you be most likely to go out into the square and express your opinions?

a) You hated your former ruler and are glad he was overthrown and welcome the liberators.

b) You resent the conquerors and are scared of them and what they represent and regard them as invaders.
I mean, you’re not exactly going to get a representative sample in the vicinity of the US Armed Forces, you know?

I, for one, am dreadfully disappointed in Janeane Garafolo. It seems like only yesterday that she was promising to seek a second U.N. resolution for approval to kneel on broken glass. Of course, it was just another lie. Remember when Garafolo claimed that she had positive proof that the White House lawn contained SBG’s (Shards of Broken Glass), and the evidence turned out to be a blatant forgery? These days, I understand her supporters are even claiming that her original promise was never about SBG’s, but about liberating her knees into a more comfortable position!

Such dishonest people are beneath contempt.

Here’s my problem. And it’s petty. OK? Petty. … She has the look and the vocal tone of a seriously undermedicated street-corner preacher. You spot these types in any big city and you cross the street to avoid the routine: “The PEOPLE blah blah blah” and “The RULERS blah blah blah” and “The BUDGET DEFICIT blah blah blah.”

It’s like, look, run along and write your congressman. And for the love of God, would you rethink the hair and the Irony Girl eyeglasses.

Yes, I read it in People just a couple of weeks ago.

See, who says you can’t find facts being cited in Great Debates?

Though even that is open to question (see comments in posting below and also this piece from the New York Times, “Free to Protest, Iraquis Complain About the US

PS Garofalo is SO CUTE.