Butler 63 - Syracuse 59 F


The refereeing was pretty bad in the last 5 minutes (I saw two travels against Butler players around the 4 minute mark that were obvious but not called, plus a play where a Cuse player was absolutely mugged for the ball and it wasn’t called either), but Syracuse turned the ball over a lot in the second half and panicked when it wasn’t necessary late in the game, shooting ill-advised shots, especially that Jardin guy.

And my bracket, which had been gasping for air this week, has been mercifully euthanized.

I know it’s exciting when stuff like this happens, but it’s generally considered poor form to put a spoiler like that in a thread title.

Granted, some people may have DVRed it, but I’m not sure what the point is in de-spoilerizing a live broadcast.

Uh, that’s exactly why. Not everybody watches it live. Might be out, watching something else, sleeping, does it matter?

Especially when there are a couple threads dedicated to discussing the tournament already.

You’re right. My bad! It was quite shocking and I needed to share. Apologies!:o