**Buuurp** So, how did your Thanksgiving go?

Standard affair, with good food and fam.

I got to teach my 87 year old Grandmother blackjack! Actually I taught my Mom and Uncle too. I was dealer, here’s how it broke down:

Grammy: broke even
Mom: just plain broke
Uncle: is taking us all out to dinner with his winnings

I need to get down to Foxwoods soon. It seems I’m getting desperate.

It was fantastic! We went to a friends’ house because my wife and I can’t stand being with either of our families, our friends can’t stand their families and another neighbor joined us because she can’t stand her family. Our kids had a great time playing, the food was terrific and it was stress-free! We’ve decided that this will be our Thanksgiving tradition.
Before we ate I raised my glass to toast, “Here is to close friends and family far away.”

My wife and I were invited to my supervisor’s house for dinner. He’s also my best friend. It was him, his three kids, one boyfriend and us. His oldest daughter’s fiance is a chef, and he put on an incredible spread. We all remarked how we didn’t think we’d ever had a turkey that tender and juicy before. He made an 18-pound bird, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, collard greens, sweet potato pie, corn on the cob, homemade macaroni and cheese, cornbread stuffing, several other things I couldn’t fit on my plate, cherry cheesecake and pumpkin pie. My wife made and took a pumpkin pie that had a crusty, crunchy top of pecan bar syrup and pecans. Yum!

We all ate on trays in the living room, watching football on the widescreen plasma HDTV. After dinner, some folks played a board game, and I went browsing through several hundred CDs (my idea of a smashing time. I left with some goodies on loan). After 4 hours, we went home, barely able to move, and I assume that everyone else had a turkey nap. A wonderful time was had by all.

I had curry at an Indian with a friend from back home and washed it down with a beer at our favorite Irish pub. It’s been ages since I’ve had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe next year.

I’m sure it was yummy. With my mom, I’ve figured out that she just doesn’t want anyone to take the work off; she likes running a big meal. One time I brought some appetizers, to make it easier for her; she got annoyed. I think because everyone enjoyed the appetizers and so had less of a stomach for a big meal. Ooops! :slight_smile:

My T-giving was fine; there’s a family issue that could have reared its ugly head, but it was averted. We had our usual shouting matches (which prompted my baby brother to say, “I’d forgotten what it’s like in a house full of women!”), and disagreements over politics, religion, etc. My dad read us the “scathing” letters he’s been sending to the board of the HOA, and my seven months pregnant sister fell asleep right after dinner. It felt good to be home.

I spent it alone and pantsless.

Alone because my beloved, my only family in town, ran off this morning to party with his friends, who care not a bit for this country’s holidays, and I’m pantsless because I have a vicious UTI infection (I know, I know, the “infection” part is redundant) and it just feels damned good to be pantsless.

Oh, and I had a bologna and cheese sandwich for my Thanksgiving feast.

This has not been one of my happier holidays.

There’s always Christmas though.

I don’t have any family nearby, so went to a local restaurant. They were having Thanksgiving buffet for $19.
I had turkey, mashed potatos, stuffing, rigatoni (?) , salad, soup. It was not very quality. I think I gained 1 lb.

Today was nice.

First of all, after 2 weeks of misery, I’m starting to finally get over my cold. I was able to work all day on Wednesday (after 3 days home sick) and other than an annoying cough, I’m feeling pretty damn great right now. Bonus is that the cold forced my boyfriend and me to quit smoking.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I went to his parent’s house. Actually, it’s the house of his parents, grandmother, and sister (all co-owners) and his nephew. His mom cooked. It was pretty basic, which is what I like. Turkey, stuffing, squash, green bean casserole (she used cream of celery instead of cream of fungus…yay!!!), mashed potatoes (with lumps…again, yay!!!), mashed turnips (uck), and canned cranberry sauce (first time in 7 years that she has remembered the canned cranberry sauce…again again, yay!!!). She also had cranberry juice and sparkling grape juice, pumpkin pie and chocolate cream pie. Other than the turnips and chocolate pie, it felt like she made the meal especially for me.

After lunch, my boyfriend and his nephew played video games in the kid’s room. I alternated between watching TV with and talking to his sister in her living room, watching tv with his parents in their living room, and watching tv with his grandmother in her bedroom. Then, I finally asked his grandmother to teach me to knit and she said yes!! I’m so excited. I’ve already started making a scarf and apparently I’m doing well. I’ve finished about 30 rows so far and the stitches are all nice and even and the 3 colors I picked look really nice together. The color pattern I made up as I went looks sweet. The first 2 rows are curling though. How do I stop that from happening?

When I got home, I sent an e-mail to my sister and spent 2 hours on the phone with my mom. I knitted some more and came back here to read.

All in all, it’s been a wicked cool day. I’m actually almost rested for Black Friday. It’s times like now, 10 hours before I have to be at work, that I wonder why the hell I ever decided to return to the retail world.

You would not believe how well my pumpkin cheesecake turned out.


Hm, started out with hors doeuvres - artichoke hearts rolled liberally in parmesan cheese and baked, asparagus rolled in some puff pastry, little cornucopiaas of flour tortillas rolled into cones and filled with black bean and corn salsa.

Artichokes with butter or vinaigrette

Duck, wild rice cooked with chestnuts and cranberries
cranberry sauce

spinach salad wilted in duckfat
we gave out before dessert time arrived.

It went very well. We had all the usual stuff, plus five desserts. I tried all of them.

It was good. My father in law has been very, very ill and appears to be in remission or possibly (we can only hope) recovering. My husband and I cooked a pretty full spread for us and the in-laws. We had a gantt chart! It was very relaxed as a result, and everything got done at the right time. The best part is that my husband kept the kitchen spotless and there was no clean-up left for afterwards. Plus, my father in law requested pecan pie, which I’ve never made before, and it came out well. So all is temporarily well with the world, and at the very least some good memories were made.

Plus we now have the in-laws totally in awe of both our cooking and organizational skills. Which is funny, but good.

Last Thanksgiving I taught my mom and brother how to play Texas Hold 'Em. :slight_smile:

Pretty good, actually. Razorette and I concocted the entire feast ourselves, had my brother and his wife and adorable little girl over for dinner. Mom and Dad were unable to make it, as Mom is still recovering from the most recent of the endless surgeries she has endured over the past few years, so I had to look up a recipe online for the family tradition: Corn and oysters casserole (can’t have a family feast without it.) Came off pretty darn well, according to the discerning brother. My wife and I later talked with our sons by phone – one on each coast these days (we live in the middle of the country.) We watched our beloved Broncos begin to lose to the hated Kansas City Chiefs, then switched over th History Channel to watch a special on the original pilgrims … that was pretty much it.

Is it just me, or does it sound like Chefguy is roasting his brother-in-law? :dubious:

I planned to go to NYC. Then I wake up to cold, wet rain.

I stayed inside all day. I hade diet frozen dessert, split pea soup, a bagel, and more diet frozen dessert.

Today I have had coffee. I have no life.

I dunno - how big is his oven?

Leftover stuffing can be frozen, thawed out in a month, and fed to co-workers, right?


'Scuse me.
Any pie left?

We just got back from the 23rd Annual Thanksgiving Camping Trip. Wonderful weather and even more wonderful friends. Stayed drunk for three days, mainly. :smiley:

Honey-Baked Ham, stuffing, pea salad, sweet potatoes, pie, wine, brandy, campfire…

Nobody got hurt, and I only set fire to the desert once.

Oh, and to whatever Doper I stole that recipe for Irish Cream from…THANK YOU!! That stuff’s fantastic! A new tradition was born this year, thanks to you.