Buy drugs from Canada? Hell, let's Buy Em from INDIA!

Indian drug manufacturers (both licensed and unlicensed) are making anti-aids drugs for 10-30% of the USA prices. Other drugs Like copies of VIOXX, and anti-cholesterol drugs) can be had at similar discounts.
So, what is keeping USA consumers and HMOs from importing these drugs from india? FEDX service to india is no problem…heck, why bother with the canucks? Go direct to India, i say! :smiley:

They’ve already thought of it:*

  • Please excuse the link to a prescription Rx marketing site, is that against board policy? Advertising and all? I have no ties, commercial or otherwise, with this company, if that makes a difference.

And even better, the Indian manufacturer of anti-AIDS drugs combines into one product what has to be bought as a “cocktail” (three separate drugs from three different companies) here in the US.