Buying a digital camera back for my lenses

I have a couple of older,manually operated, but very nice in their day, Pentax SLR cameras, and a variety of lenses to go with them. I need to go digital now. What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting a digital camera back for my bayonet lenses (of which I several, zooms, macros, etc). Can I even get a camera to work with these older manually operated lenses? I’m a complete newbie on digital cameras. I saw the post below, and the answers were informative, but mine is a different question.

Thanks, Fishhead

Fishhead: I am not an analog photogropher; I’ve come to know quite a bit about digital photography, but still know quite little about classic, high-end film cameras.

My understanding is that:

  • Nikon and Canon both have digital camera bodies that accept lenses compatible with thier film cameras. For example, this Nikon D1X camera accepts “Nikkor AF / F-mount, D-Type” lenses.

  • Pentax does not currently make digital SLR cameras that accept Pentax lenses. But if your lenses are compatible with either of the above manufacturers film cameras, then the digital version of that camera would work with your lenses. if not, not.

Be aware that a decent digital camera back will set you back $2000-3000 or more.

Good digital photography sites:
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