Buying a used car in NJ, but residing in FL

A friend’s nephew who lives in FL is flying to NJ to buy my old car. He plans on driving it home to FL. This is his first car.

What does he need to drive this home, legally?

Surely he’ll need a driver’s license, insurance, and registration. The DL will be from Florida, but where does he get insurance and where does he register it?

To complicate matters, I believe he’s already airborne.

I found this on the NJ MVC site:

It just confuses me. The title a NJ title. He’d have to get the vehicle re-titled in FL first?

Why not just let him drive it to Florida while you’re still the registered owner? Once he’s home, he can re-register it there. This assumes that you trust him to take care of the paperwork and not just leave it in your name.

The car is no longer insured. I do not believe I am allowed to continue using my plates on the car. I don’t know if his insurance would act as coverage in that situation.

I’m also concerned about automated tickets being issued (speeding, tolls, red lights) on my plates.

I got NJ-MVC on the phone and they said that he needs FL DL, FL insurance, the NJ title, and a crisp $5 bill.

ETA: Yes, I could’ve just googled it, but after 15 minutes of poking I didn’t find it; and as always happens, 15 seconds after I submit the question, that’s when I do find it.

I wouldn’t think so. Every title I have seen (I’ve not seen NJ titles) has a bank of spaces on the back when you transfer it. In those spaces, the new purchaser puts his name, address, purchase price, etc. and you both sign it.

This now becomes the new owner’s title.