Buying a used car - what offer should I start with?

I am planning to buy a used Toyota Camry 2007. Suppose the dealer listed price is CAD 20,999. What is the lowest initial offer I should make that would look like it is coming from someone interested in buying but is willing to give only the right price.

FWIW, I have checked out the Edmond’s website and while there is a lot of good information there, first it deals primarily with the American market and second there is no specific answer to my question.

I would appreciate if some of you who are knowledgeable about this business can help me out.

I can’t give you a dollar amount. You said “primarily” the US market–does that mean your market is not included at all? You might also try Kelley at

Find the retail value for the car and then offer about 15-20% less. No smart dealer will turn you away if you make a low-ball offer, they’ll try to talk you up. A customer making a low offer is better than no customer at all!

I didn’t follow any of the links – I’m sure lots of them are link farms or dealers – but a search for “canada blue book” gives all kinds .ca addresses.

What is the trim level and mileage? It seems that 21k (CAD) would be enough for a new, lesser-equipped Camry, for the price of a used one.