Buying a used iPod with songs on it

Say I buy a used iPod from Ebay that comes with 500 songs on it.

Now suppose I have 1000 of my own songs on my PC’s iTunes.

  1. Is there a way to add the 500 songs into my iTunes and end up with 1500 on iTunes?

  2. Is there a way to add my 1000 songs onto the iPod and end up with 1500 on the iPod?

  3. I am thinking that once I sync with my iTunes, my 1000 songs will be on the iPod and the 500 will go away.

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I’m not sure how the DRM of Itunes works, but if there’s no more specific copy protection, you should be able to take the songs right off the Ipod, just like any other hard drive.

iTunes has some pretty restrictive DRM. It does not work like a regular flash drive.

This is the right answer.

I believe there are some third-party software solutions that can take the music off of an iPod and store them in a folder as regular MP3s, at which point you can add them to your iTunes library, but I don’t know of any off-hand, nor do I know how legit/free of malware they are.

Also, I’m pretty sure they technically violate Apple’s TOS for iTunes/iPods.

Don’t confuse DRM with file structure.
Songs bought from the iTunes Store at now DRM-free, but that doesn’t mean that you can just plug the iPod in and copy the songs off of it. The music is stored in a database, but as has been mentioned, there are third-party tools to copy it to your hard drive.

It should be noted that if you haven’t paid for the songs, you are essentially stealing them.

Wouldn’t the manual setting leave the 500 original songs on the ipod when you sync? We loan/borrow ipods in our family sometimes, and this works when someone wants to add something from their own itunes without clearing out the stuff already on the ipod. So lets say I want to take a nice walk by the river but my ipod is dead, I borrow my son’s ipod, hook it up to my laptop, select the stuff I want to listen to and drag it onto his ipod. His stuff stays, my stuff is added, and he gets a bit of new music as a thank you.

Yeah, just set iTunes to Manually Manage your music, connect the iPod, move your 1000 songs onto the iPod, and you will then have 1500 songs on the iPod.

Only if both iPods are originally synched to the same computer. If you buy a used iPod previously synched to another computer, however, and synch it to yours, it will erase the music on the iPod. There are third party programs that will transfer music from the iPod to the PC, but I will not mention them since copying music you don’t own would indeed be a copyright violation.

Geez, are people still buying that Apple rubbish? Android is much less hassle

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Now I’m worried about those albums I bought at the garage sale. The original store and artists haven’t gotten a penny from me!

Generally speaking, this isn’t the same case.
When you buy a physical album, you are simply transferring ownership, since there is only one copy (at least, this was true historically). When you buy an iPod full of songs, the usual case is that the songs still reside on the original owners computer.

The analogy is borrowing a book from the library vs. making a photocopy.

You didn’t buy the music, you bought a delivery medium.

Very sorry, I completely forget that I’m in the wrong forum. I put it down to old age.

You can get the 500 songs off the used ipod and add them to your iTunes library easily. Just google it and numerous sites will explain in step by step how to do it without buying or downloading any new software.

Look for Senuti online. It lets you download songs from an iPod onto iTunes. If you do huge batches of songs at once, you may detect the iPod overheating.