Buying a Wii - any tips?

None of the local Best Buys or couple of other places I called had one in stock, so I just bought one off eBay from a reputable seller (as defined by feedback and standard checks).

$388 + $39 shipping gets me the full starter package, an extra remote and nunchuck and a few more games. Based on what I was seeing both online and on websites for bricks-n-mortar stores, this seems in line…

If I paid too much, so be it. Now I need to receive it and hook it up - hopefully all will work fine!

We just bought our kid’s Wii for his birthday this weekend and they had the basic setup for $250 +tax at ToysRUs and they were also available at a SuperTarget in our neck of the Joshuas.

As long as the games interest you, it definitely sounds like it. Have fun!

I should clarify - “They” is that hypothetical “someone or anyone”, not Nintendo itself.

I did not know that newer TVs have multiple sets of the same sort of inputs - my TV was in fact made in 1991. We’re lucky it has even the one set of plugs :). I guess the newer ones have a selector button on the remote or something. I imagine a lot of purchasers have slightly older TVs, some of which have only one set of inputs.

Yep…usually it’s labeled “TV/Video.” I have seen a TV/DVD combo set that labeled the input jacks “Game” (with a corresponding button on the remote).