Small Nintendo Wii Rant

First, it’s September. The Wii came out before last Christmas. Isn’t it just a tad ridiculous that I can’t just go and buy one at my local retailer? I mean, is Nintendo really this inefficient or are they what I suspect, playing with consumers? Don’t tell me it’s a “supply and demand thing”; I’d say the demand is average while the supply is awful. Not one electronic device has ever had so much demand for so long that manufacturers can’t keep up after the first couple of months.

Second, a number of retailers have it available on-line occasionally, but it’s always in the form of a “bundle.” Look, I don’t want to spend $500-$700 on this gaming system. I want to buy the console ONLY and maybe ONE game. The games that come with it (Wii Sports) would keep me enthralled for a year. I just want the console for $250. These retailers, Wal*Mart (icccck), Circuit City, EB Games, etc., are simply taking advantage of the fact that the manufacturer is purposely screwing with consumers by making so few available.

So guess what? I’m not buying the Wii or any other Nintendo product. I’m never stepping foot in any of these retailers again (never a WalMart fan, anyway). You’ve won, Nintendo. Your aim is to either sell me something to get rid of me so long as I’m quiet.

Not for nothing, Dudley, but the Wii just outsold the X-Box 360. There are more Wiis in the wild than X-Box 360s… which has been out for, what, about a year longer?

It pretty much appears to have that much demand. It’s sick. The bundlers are taking advantage, and it sucks, though.

I really doubt there’s any manipulation involved. Supposedly some components of the Wii are legitimately hard enough to manufacture that they can’t really ramp the production up. I really don’t see what they’d have to gain by throttling supply at this point.

And while demand in the US may be “average”, demand in Japan is huge–in fact, the Wii has just surpassed the XBox 360 in total sales worldwide.

Nintendo makes $92 profit on each Wii,why in the world would they not to put as many of them out there as they could?

Yep, no market manipulation, just a freaky sustained phenomenon. Demand really is that high, and sales figures just keep skyrocketing.

I know the manager of Futureshop for my region (Canadian electronics superstore franchise) who tells me that they get regular shipments like clockwork, but they just can’t keep them in stock. No matter how large the shipment, they sell out within days, if not hours.

NOBODY expected this kind of demand, not even Nintendo, so I think I’d cut them a little bit of slack.

They have been continuosly ramping up production I’d expect that they’ll be a bit easier to come by in the coming months leading up to the xmas season.

I have one. It’s awesome. I recommend you stop being a whiney little bitch, and do a little work to get one, if that’s what you want. “Wah wah, I want what I want, and I don’t want to have to expend any extra energy to get it! And ifyou don’t give it to me, I won’t shop at your store anymore! Where’s my diaper?”

Like Nintendo or Walmart even care if they lose your non-business. Nintendo has a completely fun game system that is so popular they can’t even keep it in stores, months after the release. I’m sure the execs are staying up nights worrying they might lose your business, especially when all you want is a console and the game it comes with.

You can be pissy, and not buy one; I don’t give a fuck. But your rant is lame.

I should just keep this response ready in a text file every time some whiny bitch feels the need to complain that they can’t find a Wii.

The Wii is selling faster than any console has ever sold in the history of video games. Nintendo (or anyone for that matter) had no idea demand would be this great because the demand for any video game system has never been this great.

The company is already pushing out Wiis at a faster rate than any video game company has ever sold a system and you’re complaining that they’re not moving even faster than that? Are you fucking stupid?

Secondly, if you want a Wii all you have to do is wake up a little early on a Sunday morning and trot down to your local Toys R Us/Target/Wal-Mart/K-Mart/Best Buy/Circuit City and buy one. No bundles. No more long lines. You just have to haul your ass out of bed at 7 AM or so on a weekend. Oh the horror!

Supplies are limited moron, but every week they go on sale at the same stores at the same time. And if you don’t want to wake up that early I don’t know why that’s anyone’s problem but your own.

The Wii is the fastest selling console of all time, even besting the almighty PS2. How can anyone seriously argue that this is shortage is Nintendo’s doing? They are providing an **unprecedented ** amount of consoles.

Hey, hey. Maybe he doesn’t know the ‘Sunday Morning’ trick. It’s not hard, it works at most big box stores for pretty much everything hardware related.

Video games and DVD are Tuesdays, though.

Guys, stay cool, he’s upset, don’t get upset. This is the happy console.

I’d be surprised if the Wii ultimately outsells the PS2, though. The biggest problem I have with my Wii is it’s a $250 paperweight. Maybe I’m just too conservative when it comes to my video games, but I like playing games using tried-and-true controller schemes. The motion-sensitive Wii Sports type games are fun, but it’s fun in the same way a yo-yo is fun when you’re a kid. Most people eventually get bored of the yo-yo because the yo-yo really isn’t all that engrossing a toy except for a small subset of people who learn to do tons of tricks with it.

While I really enjoyed my Wii for about the first month I owned it, eventually I found that the stuff about the Wii that made it unique eventually “got old.” I eventually just wanted some actual quality, well-developed video games (Wii Sports is innovative because of its control scheme, from a purely game-perspective it’s very generic.) I don’t feel that there are no good games out for the Wii, I just feel that the number of engaging games available for the Wii (and exclusively for the Wii) is extremely low, at least at the moment. It’s kind of annoying to me because I feel like Nintendo is basically making a ton of money off of the gimmicky controller as opposed to a strong lineup of fun games.

So my advice is to buy a Wii only if you really want to play several of the Wii-exclusive titles. There are some Wii-exclusive titles on the horizon that could end up being really, really good and make the system worth it, but for me, right now, I feel my $250 isn’t going to great use. Don’t buy the Wii just because Wii Sports looks fun, because Wii Sports is included with the system for a reason, because it’s a cheap generic game just designed to display the capabilities of the controllers.

The reason you should only buy a Wii if you’re really interested in several of the Wii-exclusive titles is because any cross-platform title will look significantly better on the Xbox 360 or the PS3, because both have more expensive hardware and higher capabilities. So far the Wii games I own do not really outshine some of the GameCube games that I have.

I got my Wii last spring, played it like mad for about two months. Haven’t touched it until this morning, when we bought Boogie. We’ll see if this sustains my interest some. Unfortunately (for the Wii), Medal of Honor comes out tomorrow, so my wife is going to be on her own.

I finally got mine Saturday and I’d been looking since before last Xmas. For the record I got mine Saturday morning at Walmart, when I went back later that evening to pickup a nunchuk, they were gone.

You may have a legitimate point, at least to some extent, but it’s important to remember just how much of a paradigm shift that the new controllers require on the part of developers. Nobody has yet fully taken advantage of them, but that will come in time when they have fully explored the new system and its capabilities.

Also, you should take note that a number of 3rd party developers have issued public mea culpas stating that they really dropped the ball on what they assumed would be a second tier system and that they plan to devote significantly more resources towards the Wii in the future. This will ultimately result in more and better games to look forward to so it’s a little too early to write the system off as a gimmick.

Can you tell me how “Boogie” does (I seem to recall) full-body motion stuff? Unless you put a remote in each shoe, how’s that gonna happen?


Yeah, but I already have a 360, too. Most games made by third party developers will probably be cross-platform and thus better on the 360 (as the Wii intentionally opted for lower-performance graphics hardware) in terms of graphics and such. If the Wii is going to eventually outsell say, the PS2’s fantastic figures it will need to do so on the back of strong games from Nintendo–which I think very well may happen. It just hasn’t happened yet. From the perspective of a non-Wii owner, I don’t think people need to get bent out of shape right now. Unless there’s a title you really want to play, don’t stress over getting a Wii. Eventually getting a Wii will be as easy as it was to get any of the last generation systems after they had been in production for a few years. As of right now, I’ve not seen anything on the Wii that is so great that you wouldn’t be okay holding off for awhile in buying one (you may even get the system for cheaper by waiting, who knows.)

The gaming pundits weren’t the only ones who expected Nintendo’s Wii to be the third most popular system, Nintendo expected this too. Nintendo isn’t intentionally behind on production, it just simply was not prepared for this demand. Nintendo would love to produce as many Wiis as they could possibly sell. However, most video game consoles have a period where they can’t manufacture as many consoles as they need. The Xbox 360 had a very long period in which its production couldn’t meet demand–however it wasn’t bitched about near as much as the Wii’s problems because the 360 wasn’t generating any real buzz (especially not in its first year–the 360 can be said to have taken off on the back of really popular titles like Gears of War which came out almost a full year after the system was released.)

I got my Wii back in February by calling our local GameStop every day until they got some in. I’m sure that still works.

And yeah, mine has gone some long stretches without being touched. But with Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario, Resident Evil 4, Mario Strikers Charged!, Metroid Prime 3, and parties with Wii Sports and Wario Ware, I think it’s been more than worth it.

I got my Wii in February (Gamestop preorder bundle). Finished Twilight Princess a couple weeks ago, playing Super Paper Mario now, and plan to get back to the other games that came with the bundle.

My sister picked one up, machine only, a month or so ago. She was telling my brother how to get one for his family (the Sunday morning trick mentioned above). My *parents *want one. My parents, who never play anything but card games and maybe a bit of Tetris, want a Wii. That’s why they aren’t in stock anywhere. People who have never been interested in consoles are buying these things.

Nintendo isn’t shorting supply. They’re putting them out there as fast as they possibly can, and they’re getting snatched up just as fast. I bet they’re going to try very hard to meet the inevitably severe Christmas demand this year.

Honestly, we haven’t figured out what controls what yet. When the beat hits, you move the controller, and depending on where and how you move the controller, that causes you to move your legs or arms. Right now, it’s just frantic moving, although I’m sure there’s a pattern in there somewhere (the instruction booklet is like four pages long, and NO help). The nunchuck allows you to pose, and the B button, when your meter fills up, makes you do some funky moves I don’t think you have control over.

The karaoke is why we bought it (the only reason I kept my X-Box when I got the 360 was so we could still play Karaoke Revolution), and that’s always fun.

We played it for a couple hours, and then played some Guitar Hero, so it was a rather musical day.

I love days off.

My parents are addicted to Tiger Woods. They won’t let me have my Wii back!
And they’re not gamers. The last game my dad played was Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe back on our 286!

Let me rub this in: Back in May, I was strolling down the gaming aisle at Target, looking for a controller to go with the $9.99 clearance copy of GTA San Andreas I had just picked up in the PC software aisle. I walked by the Wii shelf, took a lucky glance and noticed there were 5 units sitting behind the glass. Just on a whim, I bought one. I wasn’t even looking for one, was only mildy intrigued, and would never have even walked down that aisle in a normal visit. I didn’t even open it for 2 weeks as I debated on whether or not to take it back and get the San Andreas game I originally went for. I had no clue they were in such low supply then. It was pure chance. No standing in line overnight, making frantic calls to every game shop around town, or overpaying for a bloated bundle.

I’ve played the living shit out it ever since then. Just today I played Rayman Raving Rabbids for 3 hours. Yeah that’s mostly a kids game. And I’m almost 40 years old. But the Wii is that fun.