Buying another car

I have a 98 Dodge Ram pickup and love it. I love it so much I am thinking about buying another vehicle so that I can use the second Vehicle for road trips, not every day use. That way, I can keep my pickup longer.

I’m looking at buying a Dodge Durango at one of the auctions from the state of Montana. It would be a 98-99, with over 100,000 miles. These vehicles are well maintained, the miles are all highway miles. I don’t know what they cost would be, but it would be cheap (my boss picked up a 98 Crown Victoria highway patrol car at the last auction for $2800). So I’m guessing the purchase cost would be quite reasonable.

My insurance would go up by $80 a month for a 98 Durango. I would use the car for about 7K miles a year, in hopes of taking that many miles off my truck. There are a lot of trips I do visiting family where I don’t need a pickup, but do need a 4wd.

My thinking is, if I take 7K a year off my pickup , there are that many more years I can keep it. I do about 20k on my pickup currently. I tend to keep my pickups for 7 years or until they get around 120k miles. My truck currently has 62K.

Thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated, other than:

  1. I’m stuck on the Durango. Love it, have drove them many miles, I want an SUV and I figure better from the motor pool sale than a dealer. With the motor pool vehicles, I know they have been maintained and that they only have highway miles. And since the average state employee is in their forties, and doesn’t take them off-road, there’s less to worry about.

So for the purposes of this thead, it’s a motor pool Durange or nothing.



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A long time ago I owned a '53 Chevy pickup, and always kept a daily driver car around for pretty much the same reasons. I say, if you can afford it, go for it.

<:eek:> You have a list of one item!?
Your reasons seem good to me. Have you talked to any mechanics about what problems to look for in a 100K+ Durango?