Buying glasses online

Is Zenni Optical still the place to go to get your glasses online, or are there better and/or cheaper places available?

They were always my go-to for glasses, but the last time I shopped there I was unable to order bifocals with tinted lenses. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I hope so. I bought many pairs of glasses from them over the years and was always happy with them.

I’ve good things from family about them, very satisfied. COllege student on a budget.

The prices are a bit steep, and you have to click on them individually to get the price, which makes it hard to find out which ones you can afford without clicking on all of them.

Warby Parker is OK, if you like that style of frames, because they all look very similar to me. They’re definitely more than Zenni Optical but may be better constructed.

If what you are after is dirt cheap but pretty good, Zenni is the place. This is especially true for single vision untinted lenses. I have bought from them for years. When my wife wanted to buy online we used EyeBuyDirect because she could not find suitable frames on Zenni. They were more expensive.

I always get mine from

In my case, I’m looking for Progressive Transitions-type.

There may be better places, but for my prescription there aren’t any cheaper.

Of course, my tastes in frames tends to be pretty basic. There may be higher-end stores out there that serve the fancy-frame market better, but I’m not looking for them.

I was an optician for 15 years. It is physically impossible to get all the necessary measurements to make prescription eyewear properly without the optician and patient being together during the process - not just when ordering but also when the eyewear is dispensed. Especially so for progressives. The tolerance for placement of optical centers in progressive lenses is very small - less than two millimeters - and they cannot be measured properly without the optician seeing the frame on the patient.

Just to give you an idea of what’s necessary to properly fit progressives, here is a series of videos aimed at new opticians:

I asked for round, black, metal frames. Of the ones they chose for me, none were round, none were black, and two were silver metal. Back to Zenni.

Bought a couple pairs from Zenni. Major mistake. Total crap. I even went midscale on frames, etc. and still got completely taken. Unbelievably el-cheapo garbage.

We have been quite happy with EyeBuyDirect

I’ve never had a problem with Zenni, but my Rx is relatively straightforward (albeit very strong) and my lenses aren’t bifocal or transition.

I’ve purchased numerous pairs of glasses from Zenni’s and have never had any problems. I buy progressives and sunglasses. Because they’re so inexpensive, I usually buy a couple of different color/style frames.

An alternative to Zenni is We bought my wife’s sunglasses from there after having been to the optician’s for her primary glasses. She says they are without a doubt the best sunglasses she’s ever had and hers is a pretty nasty prescription. I only have readers right now but I’m looking at getting a set for screen reading and a pair of plane 0 lense sunglasses for everyday use. They normally run a 2 for one or 40% off your first purchase.

I have 3 or 4 pairs of glasses that I could wear. I wear the pair I bought from Zenni 90% of the time.

Maybe I just got lucky.

This is who I have used as well. You can get the first pair for $39 but probably won’t. Then they always tempt you with another pair for half price. It doesn’t have to be the same prescription so if someone else needs glasses, you can split the costs. I’ve probably bought 8 pair for me and my daughter. I have yet to be disappointed.

I bought back up pairs for me and my wife. No problems. Not the greatest but I was looking for cheap and easy.

Just as a reference point: my single-focal prescription with decent (“flex”) metal frames and some basic-level coatings ran about $120 from CostCo.

I bought one pair of progressive lens glasses with non-scratch, non-glare coatings and one pair of single vision sunglasses for under $60 (total) from Zenni. Both pair were plastic frames.