Buying High Explosives, a Practical Guide

Somewhere yesterday I read about people on the no-fly list who can still buy guns. One of these people even bought “100 pounds of high explosive.” That got me thinking. Where does one buy high explosives? What sort of permits would a person in the US or Europe need to buy them? (Are they expensive?)

After all, lots of people legitimately need stuff that goes boom.

I’m not sure how one goes about buying explosives, but I will note that the term “high explosives” include more “mundane” explosives such as dynamite and TNT. The distinction, as I understand it, is that “low explosives” explode by burning very quickly, whereas “high explosives” explode by sending a shock wave through the explosive (which compresses it and causes it to explode.) The technical term for this distinction is deflagration vs. detonation.

I still have no idea where John Q. Six-Pack would obtain 100 pounds of dynamite, though, even if it’s a relatively everyday explosive.

If you go to Google (as I just did), you can find a couple of places on the first results page that will ship you high explosives. According to one of the sites, you need a “federal license” to complete the transaction, but then they’ll ship the stuff to you.

Back to Google. Here’s an application for a BATF Federal Explosives License (pdf).

And here’s something from Washington state about maybe needing a state permit as well.

Hope this helps. I shall now find out if Homeland Security is still monitoring my internet connection :stuck_out_tongue:

They were before too.

===For what should I Google? “high explosives for sale” gave no interesting hits. (I bet you many of these site would be censored here.)

Why do you think the no-fly list has anything to do with buying guns?

That’s a Federal list, with access limited to the TSA goons. I understand that even if you are on the list, you can’t find out why (or even for sure that you are on it).

So when someone walks up to the guns counter in their local Wal-Mart, do you think the clerk there has access to this no-fly list to check out their customers name? Not likely!

Here’s a searchable list which may or may not be an accurate reflection of the official version.

This. There’s no oversight with regard to the no-fly list and no reliable method of redress. There’s all sorts of stupid reasons you can be added to the list including “your name is vaguely similar to someone of interest, no matter if you are a different age (children are on the list!), gender, or location”, “you pissed off someone who works at the airport”, “you are a social activist”, “you wrote a book critical of somebody”, etc.

If gun ownership were based on the same standards, very few people could manage to get guns, and the NRA would start a revolt.

So I suppose at this point we ought to consider the thread a bust? It is not very often anyone can stump all of Dopedom.

Looks like it.
I suspect that the Dopers who can answer this question know better than to do so on an open forum.

This place has det cords and high explosives:

You might try some of the other links on this page for others. Given that one of the links went to “Explosive fitness!” I think that it’s a bit out-of-date (someone else bought the DNS) but I didn’t click more than a few links so that leaves a bit of ground still uncovered.

Don’t know the real answer, but my WAG is that you need a permit, and are likely to get a permit for things like military/police, construction, mining, fireworks, and being on Mythbusters.

Well, a Google search for explosive dealers lead to this link

Clicking on my home town (Seattle) got some likely looking places. So I think that’s what you’d need to do. The couple I looked at were fairly insistent that you needed licenses and permits.

Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) is proposing a bill that would do just that. From Rep. McCarthy’s official site:

I don’t know about post-9/11, but we used to buy dynamite from the local hardware store back in Kansas. My uncle and I cleared stumps and rocks on the farm one summer with that stuff. Wasn’t much hassle at all if you own a working farm.

Enough propane and boom goes the structure.

I had a buddy (a Marine, half-crazy gun-owner type) that got together with some friends on a rural farm, they pumped an old abandoned structure full of propane, lined the foundation with a couple propane tanks and then shot them from long range, resulting in a massive explosion that levelled the structure.

They then proceeded to (smartly) put their hijinks up on youtube, which invariably caught the unwanted attention of the ATF and Homeland Security.

Much fun was had by all under questioning.

I still don’t see why an owner of land, with acres and acres cannot on his own decide to blow up some old shack on his property though.

As an aside.

I was driving through southern alabama about 2 months ago. And there was nice new shiny sign in the middle of nowhere.

It was an advertisement for “We BLOW UP beaver dams” company/service. Unfortunately at the time my camera was on the fritz. Nobel would be proud.

Be careful, though.

Hopefully this will backfire and end up improving the no fly list!

How many people/terrorists are currently on the no fly list would you think? Maybe a couple hundred or a thousand sketchy, dangerous people?

Try at least one million people! For a lot of BS reasons.

So when you here all this talk about terrorists still being able to buy guns and explosives, take it with a grain of salt. You might be on that list tomorrow. You may already be on it today.