Buying ocean floor

Is it possible to buy ocean floor (out in the Pacific or Atlantic)? Say if you wanted to build yourself an aquadome or something, but on your “own” property?

Assuming it was beyond territorial limits who would you buy if from?

I don’t know… maybe that’s what I’m asking. Is ocean floor ownable? Could some billionaire tycoon -legally - buy a hunk of ocean floor and set up a personal aquaworld without anyone knowing?

I think it’s like the old days. Nobogdy owns it, so you can stake a claim.

“I, Soylent Gene, offically declare ownership of the eastern Pacific Abyssmal Plane, inclusive of all rights to mining, dome habitation development, and geothermal heat extraction”

I’ll be selling 40-acre tracts soon. Please contact my attorney.

I’ll bet you’ll find an answer here if you search.

Or even better, at the International Seabed Authority that gets linked to off that site.

If you’re an evil international villain with a deformity who wants to launch a 1920s style death ray from a huge, hidden facility manned by thousands of identically uniformed workers who are ordered what to do by a loud speaker in order to make the world powers destroy each other so you can then take over and rule the planet–yes, you can.

But then James Bond will come, and everything will explode.

There are mining, fishing, and certain economic rights one can secure by written agreement. Kinda like Antarctica. Nobody really owns it, everyone just does what they do down there, and that’s about it. The same with your AquaDome.

I would submit that there’s no feasible underwater real-estate market, thus, it falls under what I call my ‘Rule of the Gun’: “He who has the most guns on site, wins.”

On a re-read, I’m patenting that rule :P. Tripler’s Rule of the Gun. :smiley:

Not to mention that within a nation’s 200 mile Economic Exclusion Zone, they may take a dim view of someone just going out and staking a claim to exploit resources without following all of that nation’s legal niceities.

If you just want to build a little habitat, though, I doubt anyone will bother you.

Legal possession of the seafloor probably won’t come through unless you’re all cozy with the gov’t.