Buying "OEM" versions of MS Office 2003

I visited a website offering downloads of OEM Offfice 2003 for $70 each and according to them, it comes with the requisite key. You can (apparently) register the suite, and get the updates like all other, ahem legitimate owners.

The only difference seems to be you don’t get Microsoft’s tech support.

Could it be that Microsoft tacitly endorses this marketing ploy to generate additional revenues, which they’d lose to black marketeers, anyway?

And that’s my question along with…

Have any of you ever bought things like this? and How did it work out?

I bought Windows XP Pro OEM with a floppy cable. :slight_smile:

No tech support? I smell a (bootleg) rat.

I haven’t needed tech support yet. It has registration numbers, the hologram and shrink wrap.

IANAL, but my understanding is that Microsoft offers special pricing to companies that sell their software along with a hardware product. It appears, after a quick perusal of eBay, that darned near anything you can pump electrons through qualifies as a hardware product. If it was a violation of the law, I’d imagine Microsoft would have gone after all of the eBayers.

OEM versions of software are perfectly legal, but beware of scam sites that purport to sell OEM software. I would never purchase a download only version of an OEM title…OEM stuff still comes with a disc. When I built my wife’s computer, I just ordered WinXP OEM for $85 with the components, which is what it’s for. (When I built mine I just bought the upgrade locally, as I already had W98).

If you had to pay full price for the software, computer makers could never offer software suites…they’d be more than the computer! I would just make sure you purchase an OEM title from a reputable store, such as NewEgg, Outpost, eCost,, ZipZoomFly, etc. There are a lot of scam places.

YOu should have to purchase some hardware with the OEM products as a stipulation for getting it, BTW.