Buying pieces your childhood: Books, movies, toys and music

Age: 34
Books: **Superman vs. Muhammad Ali ** on eBay, to replace the copy I lost when I moved. Charles Schulz Happiness is a Warm Puppy, one of the first books I learned to read on my own. Stand Back! Said the Elephant, I’m Going To Sneeze! Which I read once in my doctor’s waiting room and couldn’t put out of my head for 20 years. All from
Movies: Watership Down, Bakshi’s **The Hobbit ** and the first three Muppet movies. Also: Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon, first movie I got to third base watching with a girl.
Toys: Rubik’s Cube, the Snake and the Pyramid and a collection of 213 Garbage Pail Kids cards, from neighborhood garage sales.
Music: Nothing I can’t fileshare – although there’s a copy of a non-beatboxing ‘La Di Da Di’ with Slick Rick and a real woman singing the ‘Sukiyaki’ hook I can’t find anywhere.

What I’d like to buy: a complete set of Encyclopedia Browns, and all the **Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators ** books, maybe the McGurk Mysteries.

I’m currently on a search to find a pink plastic whale bathtub toy that I had as a child. My daughter managed to break it 21 years ago (I shouldn’t be too hard on her, it was at least 30 years old at the time…but I’ve never forgiven her :stuck_out_tongue: ) My sister recently got a new Chatty Cathy doll to replace the one she claims I lost (this not forgiving thing seems to be a trend). I still have most of my childhood books and games, but I’m collecting miniatures of some of the Little Tikes toys my kids had: we just don’t have room for the turtle sandbox anymore!

I replaced some of the X-Men comics I bought new (and now worth $1,000’s - dammit) with reprints. They didn’t read quite as well now that I am grown up, but holding them reminds of when I first read them.

I collect 1st edition books - some are super valuable, but there is nothing like holding a book that meant a lot to me as a kid - like Dune, say - and remember how it felt to read it the first time…

Age: 37

Toys: View-Master reels; specifically, Superman (vs. the Computer Crook); Batman (“The Purr-fect Crime”); Micky Mouse, Goofy & Donald Duck in The Clock Cleaners; among a few others. I found all of them on eBay. But as a little kid, I remember Walgreen’s having these elaborate little display racks with View-Master packets on them.

*I been lucky enough to nearly all the comics I had as a kid. I’ve replaced the beat-up copies with ones in better condition.

I’d like to have my hands on all the Tower of Shadows, Chamber of Darkness, Monsters on the Prowl and Creatures on the Loose comic books I once had.

Well I’m 26, and I never stopped collecting action figures or comic books. Collections are here:

And Transformers: The Movie still makes me cry.

Sorry, the second link should be

I’d love to have a complete set of *Encyclopedia Brown * books and Charlie Brown Encyclopedias for myself. I read a ton of other things when I was a kid (especially miscellaneous mythology books) but those’re the two things that jump immediately to mind that I have especially fond memories of and that I can remember the titles of.

Maybe some Bearestein Bears, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and *Fudge * books too, for any eventual kids? I don’t think I’m quite nostalgic enough to actually read those again though. :slight_smile:

And I will eventually own all the seasons of Saved By the Bell, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and all the Star Treks if or when they’re released on DVD.

Ooh, and I want a Pound Puppy too. A talking Cooler to replace the one I had as a five year old if at all possible. I loved that thing.

I’m 22, by the way. Forgot to include that in my previous post.

I don’t have to buy anything! I’ve kept everything I’ve ever had! :smiley:

Actually this aint far from the truth, unfortunatly. I have junk from 30 years ago. It turns out one of the few things I did give away, my Hotwheel cars, is now the toy of choice for my little guy. He loves them and cant get enough of them. I regret giving them away and now wish he had them to play with. :sad:

Just as well. He’s kinda rough on them and it would break my heart to watch them get torn up. Besides, all the ones I had are now worth about $50 each! :eek:

And I guess its not too bad. I’ll be passing along my Fiat, which was my dad’s, so he’ll have a real car to motor in someday.

I finally bought a hardcover copy of Watership Down, even though I still have the paperback copy I had when I read it the first time.

Recently I bought the Challenge of the Superfriends DVD’s, which were about as good as I remembered it.

I also bought the Starblazers DVD set, and wish I hadn’t – I remembered it being just the coolest thing ever, and was heartbroken to discover that to a jaded 33-year-old, it’s just poorly animated, tedious, and boring. Captain Avatar is still a major bad-ass, though.

Age: 49

I’m slowly reconstructing my Marvel comics collection from the mid '60’s. Mostly Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and **Strange Tales ** (I loved Dr. Strange!) at this time. I had a huge collection spanning 1964 through 1969, but sold it in the '80’s.

You must’ve had very discerning tastes as a child.

From 1983-1985 my family lived in England (Pateley Bridge, for anyone familiar with that part of North Yorkshire). While there, I started buying the then-new Now, That’s What I Call Music double cassettes: I had #s 1-4 when it was time to move back to the States, but the movers lost the box that contained #s 2 & 3! After the move I acquired #s 5-9, but 2 & 3 quickly went out of print and became impossible to obtain.

Impossible, that is, until the time of eBay. :smiley:

It took a while to find them, even on eBay, but several years ago I finally did and now I happily own a complete retrospective of British pop from my early teens. It’s quite the trip down memory lane to listen to this music now, 20 years later, but I still love it! :slight_smile:

I’m 59, and I’ve been looking for a playset my brother and I used to spend hours with.

It was painted tin, a western “town” - connected buildings – the sheriff’s office, saloon, I think a hotel, stable, and there were plastic cowboys, horses, watering troughs for the horses, the whole shebang.

Haven’t found anything even close. :frowning:

36 here.

I had lots of inflatable toys when I was a kid. Beachballs, Gumby, Godzilla, etc., but there’s really only one I want to replace. It was a two-chamber Easter bunny with ears that went all the way to the ceiling! They came out around '85 when I was in high school. I managed to get a single-chamber version of this bunny via eBay but it’s a bit smaller. I’d love to have the bigger version again.

I want two things: The elephant who liked to smash small cars by Jean Little, one of the greatest picture books ever written (The elephant sings, “Smashing cars! Smashing cars! How I love to smash small cars!”), and a particular hardback edition of Diana Wynne Jones’ Witch’s business which is a light dusty purple with the title stamped in gold on the front. It was the first DWJ book I ever read.

I forgot to add that the Jean Little picture book now goes for nearly $200 on used book sites, and so I’ll have to wait until it comes back into print (probably never). :frowning: I once almost got the DWJ book.

Age: 23
I bought a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth from the children’s section of my college bookstore during the final semester before graduation.

Age: 46

I bought A.A. Milne’s children’s books while I was still in college, and the boxed Beatrix Potter set shortly after I was married. As my kids get older, I buy books that I loved at their ages to add to the books they select for themselves. Most recently, I bought Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time tetralogy for my 11 year old son.