Buying rope

I’m about to re-head a couple djembes, and would like to replace the rope. I’m looking for relatively thin (~3 to 4 mm), attractive rope (I’ve seen two- and three-tone patterns) that will stretch very little or not at all. It has to be strong enough to remain under significant tension for seven to ten years, but since no one’s life will be depending on it, I don’t need overly-specialized climbing equipment.

A few drum stores carry rope, but the selection is fairly small (mostly single colors). I’ve used climbing rope in the past, but the last time I bought it was over a decade ago and the REI salesperson was there to help. Hence my question to the Dope—there are a dizzying array of terms, technologies, and materials out there. What am I looking for? What are my key search terms?



I don’t know anything about the instrument you’re working on, but in climbing circles, rope that doesn’t stretch much is called Static Line.

That thin, if you go into a place like REI, look for “accessory cord”, rather than rope. It will come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Thanks–both static line and accessory cord are returning lots of hits.

(heh … climbing circles/drum circles it’s all fun!)